What is your "for fun" build

@Hexxusz0r inspired me to start this post and I’m really curious what other players are doing with their “for fun” build. This should be your weird, chaotic, strange or pure laughable fun build.

  1. cannot be a meta build. As much fun as they can be those aren’t what this post is about
  2. should be barely or not at all viable at M10.
  3. should have some sort of qwerk or reason why it’s your fun build.

I’ll start with my Zane no sntnl drone build.
Full red and green trees with both capstones. Absolutely no skills in the hitman tree and no mobility skills at all (yep I know your laughing.)
Weapons include the Maggie (for ccc), cryo weapon of your choice (usually lucian or lob), a ten gallon SMG for extra fun and a star helix for the clone. (He is badass with it)
Shield:Messy breakup
Grenade: whatever… using cryo hex I think
Artifact: Ice breaker cause freeze freeze
Com: conductor (was cold Warrior til conductor came out)

Play style… Dome up, clone out, put clones in harm’s way, while you run into harm’s way, when you or the clones shield is down, CHANGE PLACES… This will start recharging both your shields… Keep changing on shield break. Messy breakup triggers on shield break and does not need a full refill. Keeping the clone getting bashed gets me 4+ of the screaming drones shooting everything… Add in ten gallon for another drone… and the clone and I firing away… So many “allies” shooting is so much fun. (If only the ten gallon drone system worked with the clone… And gain bonus from the dome… it might have been viable lol)

There is my for fun build and I have a blast with it… Normally on M4 and mobbing but it can work on some bosses too.

What is your fun build?!

M0 sheriff Amara

I like snipping
For outlandish kills I can use a M10 Unseen Threat

M4 Splash Command pet build for FL4K.

Mix of all 3 trees; Megavor , down to Psycho Head, and Fast & Furryous.

Weapons are anything that rolls with splash damage, but I really enjoy using the Storm.
Shield is mainly transformer, but I swap out for the Stop Gap. I could also use a frozen heart but I don’t have one yet.
Grenade is Quasar.
Artifact is Snowdrift Otto Idol with AOE
COM is Deadeye w/ +3 GftE and +2 Fast and Furryous

Play style is just hang back and snipe while spamming Rakk to keep ASE splash anoint up for Countess to blow up enemies.

It’s a lot of fun, but I feel like GB has a personal vendetta against my enjoyment of the game sometimes. Since Mayhem 2.0 was released, Headcount got bugged for Rakk Attack again and hasn’t been fixed, so I can’t run Flock n Load for rakk damage. The Storm was bugged for a while but got fixed. Most recent addition is that one of the hotfixes or patches from the last month seriously messed with my spiderant’s attack capabilities and now she misses a ton of her attacks. :disappointed_relieved:

Hoping for some bug fixes soon.

i got melee builds for all. melee amara, melee fl4k, face puncher zane and face puncher moze (not the glitch version).

m2.0 killed it so i switched to gun builds.

As the man himself i spec into cold bore playing dirty throw on transformer and 4 boring guns in shock and well it gets crazier than in krieg’s head


I had a Boring Gun with 100% projectiles speed annoint. You wanna see something hilarious lmao

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All of 'em. I lay these characters out with as much variety as I can spread out across them all. I use (almost) every piece of red-texted gear in the entire game (still working on the Girth Blaster) across all characters. I have them separated by allegiance so I can focus their builds (which are also required to be operationally different) around emphasizing the manufacturer gimmick (while providing myself enough backpack space to be comfortable). While some of them roll with meta builds, their allegiance restrictions and “imperfect” gear usually make these, “entertaining novelties” as opposed to “MM10 steamrollers”.

I load up my gear differently before going into any skirmish, so there’s basically a different playstyle for every COM, but here are examples of some one-off ones I enjoy:

  • Torgue Moze: Bear Trooper with Bear Fist. The Brickinator.

  • Vladof Moze: non-Deathless Bloodletter (she uses the taser on the Leech pistol to constantly feed her shield, and heavy buffs to mag size lets her keep the taze up almost constantly, especially with headshots that fire continuous crits that keep Redistribution lit (for more health/shield and tazer shot refill).

  • Maliwan Amara: Nimbus with Fist Over Matter (catching a bunch of enemies in the AoE of FOM to throw a bunch of elemental clouds is strangely satisfying… even better if I can get them to overlap)

  • Hyperion Amara: Tankman’s Phasezerker (takes a bit to get the magazine damage rolling, but the insta-reload of Dread (with The Eternal Fist) is satisfying. I think there’s potential for a lot of damage, but I’ve always played this casually.

  • Atlas Zane: Infiltrator (used with a Revengenader shield and a throwaway Clone to constantly fire Safe Space, grenades, and Dopplebanger). SWM seeks Revengenader with Nova modifiers.

  • Dahl Zane: Shockerator with Clone and Barrier (approach a mob, drop Clone, drop Barrier, continue into melee range of enemies and swap places). Enemies beat themselves to death on the Clone with help from me leisurely firing from the safety of the Barrier.

  • Tediore FL4K: Wattsonator (I have a Wattson shield with a ‘trigger effects of shield break/fill with action skill start’ that I can throw repeatedly with Rakk Attack). The rest of the loadout is whatever I feel like, but getting these to launch behind cover or all four of them on larger enemies is pretty fun.

  • Jakobs FL4K: Melee Stalker (equip the Buttplug and a roid Rough Rider, go into Fade Away with Guerillas in the Mist, get behind someone and start stabbing). Add Piss and a White Elephant to spice things up.

  • CoV FL4K: Tr4iner (Dominate is a fun game mechanic, and this adds more Dominated enemies to the field). Frankly some of the enjoyment is from how much it appears to be universally loathed, but Dominate also pairs fantastically with DE4DEYE COM, since the damage buff lasts for exactly the amount of health before Dominate is a guaranteed kill, so all my pre-Dominate damage gets the increase).

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Been putting together a build themed after Ram Ranch (yes, that Ram Ranch); here’s what I have so far:

  • Zane (because we’re only talking dudes here)
  • Garcia, Sledge’s Shotgun or any future Jakobs shotgun with that one mag part (because you know why)
  • Cocky Bastard (entirely because of the name)
  • At least one bonus fire anoint (so you can be a hot cowboy)
  • Barrier (so you can be a hard cowboy)
  • Clone + Double Barrel (for double the cowboys)

Not quite M10-ready yet but as for lower Mayhem levels… it really rocks!