What is your highest damage number?

What is the highest damage number anyone has seen while playing BL3? Mine is 921 million:

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The visible damage cap is somewhere just over 1000M, above that it shows no number. This is the highest I have got captured.


Wow 1069m!! That’s insane! Yeah I’ve had it when a projectile will just one shot an enemy and no damage number pop up so thought there was some sort of cap.

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Actual visual cap is little above 1,1 billion.


I thought I had seen some 1100’s but never was quick enough with photo mode.

I don’t recognize what you’re shooting?

That was from a pet Hollowpoint proc, original Killer Queen build.

I recall how we tried to get the max damage number possible and at some point the game just stopped bothering even showing them (as others said, somewhere slightly below 1,100M). I believe that was before the Mayhem scaling update which increased damage to much more absurd levels.

In July 2020 I was analysing my footage and was just interested in how much that casual Remnant hit without a damage number actually did and calculated it. It was 90 billion. Under the right circumstances, damage will go into trillions. That’s one of the things that made me stop caring.