What is your most insane kill with thorn?

Perhaps not badass kill but badass kills. My first game with Thorn was strangely my best, the enemy team had a Thorn and a Marquis so it was a big snipe-off. I played aggressively as an assassin rather than a sniper and several times killed the enemy Thorn 1-on-1, I targetted the enemy Marquis a lot as well and flanked him hard so my team could advance, it was an aggressive game where I dominated two snipers on my own and picked up a couple of double kills on them both. I immediately regretted not recording that game. They weren’t bad players either, I think my aggressive strategy just overwhelmed and caught them off guard and considering that it was my first outing as Thorn I was highly impressed with both myself and Thorn as a character.

Here’s a a screenshot from the game, I was partied with Montana and Miko who are IMO the best combination on Incursion, never lost a game with these two on my team though they were dominated by the two enemy snipers in this game -

Short compilation video I made of my time with thorn.
The kill I was talking about above starts at the 43 second mark if you want to check it out.

Wow awesome gameplay! More than half your team’s kills and almost half of the minion kills is pretty damn impressive. I liked the penetration kill and the snipe on Kelvin in particular. You seem to like jumping a lot and it works well for you, your aim is pretty damn good!

Thanks a lot! It took a long time to get that good with her though. For a while I was barely getting a positive KD. Most of that compilation was highlights of one of my best matches. Didn’t have a whole lot of videos other than that one. If you end up getting any videos feel free posting them. I like to see how others play her as well. Can’t wait for release, and decided to pass the time going over some of my gameplay. When I started jumping more I found I could actually aim my shots better, somehow. Not sure why I have better aim like that, but I do. That and it makes it easier to kite melee characters.

What build do you use, curiously? I focus on Blight augments and prioritise them over Volley augments.

oh oh oh the one where i steal all of my team mates hard earned kills by using my huge overpowered ultimate every time an enemy is low, those are the best.

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  1. Swampfoot.
  2. Fell wind.
  3. Draw Strength, or burst propulsion. Depends on what game mode, and what the enemy team picks. If it looks like the other team has a good Miko, then I usually go for draw strength, cause he’s much easier to take out.
  4. The mutation skill that lets you shoot three arrows in your volley. Technically the one that gives you seven probably does more damage, but I’ve found the three arrow volley is a very tight group and is more likely to connect with all three. The seven arrow volley is to wide a spread for me to reliably use it. Unless your going up against of lots of large characters. Montana, Klease, Toby, and a few others I can’t think of. I usually don’t see lots of big tanks on a team together though
  5. I usually go for Hexsanguination. I’ve secured a lot of kills where someone runs away, but even when they are already out of sight, the DOT finishes them off before they get healed.
  6. Brutal blight. No questions asked about that one. I like a blight heavy build as well. Put down a blight in front of some minions, and then you can run somewhere else to do other productive things, because they won’t leave the blight field alive. Also a huge help dealing with a pesky melee person.
  7. Vault Jumper. It’s way to versatile a skill for me to ever give up for anything else.
  8. I’m sure you already guessed enduring blight. It can be a big nuisance for the other team to have a blight field in their path for a long period of time.
  9. I go either way depending on the situation. If the other team is good at damaging me, I’ll take the life recovery over damage. It has saved my life after a Galilea stun many times.
  10. Finally Earthrender. Nothing better than having someone almost survive the ultimate only to be finished by the blight field left behind. Not to mention you can essentially put down 2 blight fields at the same time. I see no reason to take the other options.

I’ll admit there was defiantly some kill stealing going on in that video. But there were also many that were either completely legit or kills where no one else was going to be able to finish them off in time. Yes it’s annoying to have a kill stolen. Happens to me on a regular basis. It’s also important to not let the almost dead enemy get away and heal. If you saw the first half of the match, my teammates were getting destroyed. And I also consistently have the highest damage on my team on a match per match basis. Usually only being outdamaged by a good Oscar Mike. Don’t forget the many kills I had just with her bow.

Video? I didnt watch it, the players im talking about know who they are :stuck_out_tongue: but thats okay its her role to secure kills and its my role to line them up! Good tanks make good Attackers GREAT! Have you hugged a tank today?

Oh lol I thought you were replying to that video :slight_smile: I thought you were salty from past experiences and being sarcastic

On the topic of “stealing kills” -

Edit: This thread took a similar path - Is K:D even relevant?

Well I’m glad to see the community has the right idea about kill stealing not really mattering too much. As long as the enemy is dead at the end of the battle, who cares.

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I was being chased by a Rath he activated his ultimate I punched him to send myself in the air and killed him while mid air.


On Incursion, shot a random arrow across the map at the enemy sentry and a low health Ambra happened to jump up in front of it. Hit her in the back of the head and killed her. No way she could even see me from that distance.

I can’t think of any particular kill atm. My favorite game was a 2v5 with a friend of mine.

My favorite time though was this.


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Nice lol. It’s entertaining to melee someone off the map

It’s not even just that. The Galilea taunted him afterwards, and then the Marquis left the game lol

Someone hit me and they died! …oh, you said Thorn, not thorns. Carry on, then…

Oh didn’t notice that one lol.