What is your most satisfying moment when playing with each character?

Ex: Nisha is my main, and it is always satisfying when I’m in Showdown, freezing all the enemies, and then letting the Unforgiven bomb exploding all the frozen enemies into ice dust.

Jack is when I have Absolute Advantage running (which is always) and I’m just “fanning the hammer” with my Jakobs shottys and assault rifles doing ridiculous critical damage all the while never using up my ammunition because AA is OP as hell.

Claptrap is when I get Pirate Ship Mode and Explosive Sub Routines running at the same time. Torgue got nothing on Claptrap’s explosive output.

Athena is getting 400+ maelstrom stacks, freezing the stacks, and dishing out some extreme dps.

So far Aurelia has been meh.

and I’m only lvl 28 with Wilhelm but so far I like freezing an enemy and then hitting them with my extended melee punch.

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Killing a Badass in one shot with Aurelia’s Bitchslap override.
Getting to level 25 on Athena. Especcialy on a Xiphos build.

Claptrap and 200 stacks of maniacal laughter with 10/5 points in the skill. You haven’t lived until you’ve had constant 60% health regen for 6 seconds.

Or had 500+ Maelstrom stacks as Athena.

Or a super clutch save reviving someone and busting out the Excalibastard to freeze all nearby threats.

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Athena: dishing massive damage by using Prismatic & Zeus 'Rage while the enemy is bleeding as well. Afterwards dishing out bullets with the Torrent/Shrediffier. 'Specially if it is a boss or super badass.

Nisha: Perfect to use Jakobs gear with, and after I found out about the Moonface I knew it would be a satisfying combo. Hell, her synergy with Jakobs in general is a massive plus already.

Aurelia: She makes sniping in general satisfying, her quips and skills are really amazing. Scoring a crit is most satisfying when playing as her wielding a Muckamuck.

Playing as Wilhelm and grinding challenges on Normal Mode, then going to UVHM and still kicking the same amount of butt.

Clearing an area with Aurelia’s action skill before you get chance to line up a shot with a sniper is awesome yet marginally frustrating.

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“Learn some manners!”

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Playing as Wilhelm and fighting the invincible Sentinel, standing right in front of him, face to face with my Vibrapulse, ignoring all other enemies and knowing that nothing is going to putme down.

That’s satisfying…

Athena- Three player Clear.

Clappy- High Fiving

Jack- Double Badass Digi-Jack spawn

Wilhelm- Laser guiding Wolf

Aurelia- Cold as Ice as the new Sub-Sequence

Nisha- Showdown sniping


Today, Wilhelm, 350 stacks of rolling thunder

You hunt Guardians too, huh?

you got it

as athena, i love when the stars align and you get a few enemies jet packing around and just pinballing between em all with bloodrush without touching the ground. And all her laughs are the best.

As nisha i love obliteratig flying enemies with thunder crackdown. Seriously my favorite skill in the series right there. Jumping off something really high, enterig showdown, and just tearing people up as you go down is also a blast.

I havent had enough play time with anyone else to get that giddy feeling yet haha

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What I can’t stand about the badass digijack is the voice sample that goes with it, “you don’t know my name, aaAAAAA, we did it folks, we did it”. It’s just kind of obnoxious is all. Partially because I don’t really know what he’s talking about. And also because it is used too often. Maybe every time you unleash a badass digijack?

But that’s ok because I prefer the greater good tree anyhow.

Some of my favorite moments with each character are simply hearing their special reactions to each situation. Or gameplay-wise that moment when it clicks. Your build is working well, you just did some awesome feats and you realize, “that’s what this character is made for”.