What is your opinion on a "work bench" in Borderlands?

I don’t know if this has been discussed a million times before or if it’s out of place in the forum, but yeah.

I don’t want to speculate it in regards to future games, but more so how it could have worked in bl2.

How I personally would do it would be to allow the player to change the parts of a gun, but limit it to one or two modifications per gun. It would cost x amount of eridium to put a different grip/stock or accessory on your gun.

I think being able to change the level would hinder the experience, though. Imagine a new player finding a Harold and just leveling that up the entire game. They really wouldn’t ever have a reason to pick up any other gun.

I’m iffy as to whether being able to swap elemtents would be a bit much or if that would be fine.

I feel this would also help less people steer towards gaining gear through out of game methods. People see their fave YouTuber or streamer with all this perfect gear and they realize that to acquire this gear would either take weeks of grinding.

I just feel we need a way in game that lets us perfect our loudout without having to farm weeks on end. A workbench sounds like a solution to me, but I’m probably just salty from sign out farming sandhawks all day.

Discussion of third party software on consoles breaches terms of service, so I’ve edited your post somewhat.

Thank you, I didn’t know that. I’ll go read up on the rules.


That’s pretty much the way I’d imagine a workbench could work except I’d make it about money. That and requiring you to have a weapon of the same type and rarity with the part you wish salvage for your other gun.

Good ideas.

Another thing they can do is balance the parts so that a work bench wouldn’t be necessary. Some parts do very little while others do nothing at all. If they balanced the parts where they all had a purpose there would be less of a gap between bad and good.

Its a tricky one , because part of the fun in BL2 is hunting for that perfect parts weapon you want.
Its also part of the frustration! :smile:

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Maybe not just money, but also some other currency exclusively used for the purpose of “forging”, gathered from salvaging other guns.

Whatever it takes, make it expensive bois, we’re trying to defy RNG here.

Good lord yes. I just got another Rock Ravager the other day, it was better than my other one in every way.

But it had that awful TV screen box sight on it, so I sold the damn thing. lol

I actually have an idea for a playable character that would have this ability as his As- itt’s based off the Gadgeteer class from the old PC game Wizardry 8. In that game the Gadgeteer could combine certain pieces of junk into an item that would replicate spells, in essence giving you an additional spell caster that used a specialized weapon called the Omnigun. The Omnigun leveled up as the Gadeteer did, gaining better chances to hit an enemy and to to cause more damage. At least one of the skill trees would be dedicated to scavenging weapons and (hopefully) upgrading them- for the other trees I’m still thinking about them :slight_smile:.


A weapon that levels up with you would be awesome.
Especially if it unlocked new abilities.

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I can see the appeal of it, because personally I love to take things apart and put them back together to see how they work, but I don’t want “forging” in a Borderlands game. The RNG-ness of loot, the good and bad of it, is part of what keeps me coming back. :slight_smile:


I usually spend more hours in games like Skyrim and Fallout 4 crafting potions, weapons and gear than I do playing the game :grin:


I think that scope is something that definetly should be possible to change, because it comes down to preference rather than it impacting weapon’s power. Stock is similiar case.

Another thing I think would be interesting to have is option to change accessory.

Crazy Earl should do this: for the price of some Eridium, you can swap parts and/or level the weapon up. So you finally get an Unkempt Harold, but it’s got a Maliwan grip and you don’t care for the sight. You can go re-farm and try to roll the dice for something better, or go do whatever combat you like for Eridium, and hit Earl up for some fixes.

Off the cuff (and I say this playing at end-game UVHM), it would cost 50 for a part replacement, and 100 to level it up. The economics in a future installment might be different, but you get the drift: if you want a better weapon, you’re not forced to farm the same boss repeatedly; you can spend some equivalent amount of Eridium, acquired doing something you find more enjoyable.

If you love farming that same boss over and over, you still can: roll those dice!
If you’re burnt out after not getting what you’re after for the last month and are otherwise Eridium-rich for your troubles, you would have an option.


I’m stil not comfortable with the idea of weapon crafting, no matter the caliber (no pun intended). Feels like it undermines what BL is all about: finding loot.


It would be pretty cool to be able to toggle a couple parts like in Crysis or Splinter Cell ( Blacklist ).

Otherwise, PoeticNova nailed it.

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What nova said. I don’t even like the grinder…

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There are people that hunts for guns with good parts, which have potential to greatly increase difficulty and time consumption of farming for minimal benefit. I think that it’s just not balanced for how much more time I have to invest to find items with parts I want. I’m fine with difficulty of finding legendary and pearlescent gear, but randomness of parts they spawn with isn’t what I like that much.

Toggle able scope would be nice, I.E. a seperate button to switch between diffirent ranges. Jakobs sight for sniper rifles implies that in its model (and I recall being dissapointed you couldn’t change the zoom level).

For me it’s part of the replay value.
One example (although from BL1): it took me 4 years, but my own stubborn goal was finding a perfect Rose, and eventually it payed of. I find it much more rewarding if you find the gear in the parts you want (why I don’t even recall using the Grinder in TPS), than creating it yourself.

This , definitely.
It seems like a simple thing but It would really come in useful.

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