What is your opinion on a "work bench" in Borderlands?

I’m fine with BL1 parts system, but, well, big part of it is Farmerax and Farmory, giving loads of legendaries and so lots of chances to get good parts. As result almost every time I farm there I find upgrade for something. I think it’s the quantity that balances out BL1 parts system. As for other gear, other than Ajax Ogre, the Ridgeway with Chopper, Tsunami and Kyros Power have theorethical chance to spawn Lance soldiers with rarest gear in game - legendary eridian guns, so there is value to making runs there.

I find chest farming in BL2 to be mostly fine. Found several pearls, and legendaries that way. Stil prefer the dedicated pools but I couldnt say no to the 0.0 Longbow Fire Bee, or the Butcher for that matter. Even more fun when I got a worlddrop Storm. Made gear will never match the feel of finding that sort of things. Regardless of which BL title we talk about.

Also, BL1’s loot is notoriously buggy, but that’s besides the point, or the topic.

I find farming repetitive and it burns me out. Yes, it probably does make the gear I find more special, but I also consider how many instances of frusturation and disappointment I’ve to put up with before I get parts I want. I think having option to change some of parts of equipment would be improvement to game’s loot system and would make farming process more rewarding.

It doesn’t have to be all parts, just some parts like scope and stock and I’d be happy. After all it’s kinda overkill when weapon other than body have 4-5 more parts, each with 5+ variations(+element). I’d like for game to cut off some of that excessive randomness.


I don’t mind the farming and I’m the type of player who is gonna do it anyway, but I also think the ability to change things could be an improvement.

I can’t help but think of the people who have been farming something for months or even years; imagine finally getting that drop and it’s got a s*** sight or melee blade or something. I’d be so pissed. lol

If I could actually do something with those drops instead of just tossing or selling them, that’s 100% an improvement in my eyes.

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I’m not suggesting making guns out of nothing. Just being able to modify grips, stocks, sights, and possibly prefix but in a very limited/expensive way.

Take your storm for example. Let’s say it dropped but it had a Jacobs stock and grip with your least favorite scope. Being able to put better parts on it would help make the exp of using it much more enjoyable.

The only butcher I’ve ever found has all bandit parts, no element, and a bad prefix. I was so excited to go use it only to find it was just bad.

I think it should cost 100 eridium to modify a part (150 to apply a matching part) at a work bench to help make those awesome world drops even more awesome.

On the bl1 subject without farmory (a glitch) it’d be horrible going for good part legendaries.

I want an in game method to find great gear. I love the grind but for some things it’s just not pheasable to try and grind for weeks on end to no avail.

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Since I view the BL series as a variation of both MMOs and single-player RPGs like the previously-mentioned Bethesda titles, naturally I think some sort of crafting (gun-modification) system would be a good addition to BL3. Perhaps one character can have a skill or two that makes them especially good at it. Lots of good ideas here and the various BL3 ideas threads where this has come up.

Obviously it doesn’t bother me that BL2/TPS don’t have a crafting system, though, so if Gearbox keeps future titles as 100% RNG, that’s not a big deal to me. :slight_smile:

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On the general idea of crafting gear it’s just something that has always appealed to me in RPG type games- it just brings out the mad scientist in me to see what fantastic thing I can create :grinning:

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Modding BethSoft titles has been mentioned…

I’ve been an active part of the Nexus mod community since 2009; I’ve modded my BethSoft games since Morrowind; I’ve beta-tested some big-name mods and received name-credits in the mod docs for doing so; I once wrote the entire dialogue for a Morrowind mod that unfortunately was not released. Listing all that is not to brag at all, it’s just to illustrate that I’m rather familiar with modding games. That said, I do not really care for the idea of modded items for BL in general…that’s not what these games are about. If it does happen, I really like Adabiviak’s suggestion of having Crazy Earl do it for a price…to me, that would fit game lore.

My opinion only.