What is your personality type?

I did this MBTI personality type test a year or two ago and then promptly forgot about it. Recently I’ve ran into these a lot so I decided to actually read what it says about my supposed personality type.

I’m surprised. The profilation for me is spot on in, like damn everything. I don’t think my closest friends even understand me like this random test on the internet just did. It’s a weird feeling to find out I can just be shoved in such a clear cut locker.

What is your personality type and how well do you feel the explanation the site gives actually describes your thinking and behavior?



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i have consistently tested as an INTP through the years.

The MBTI is interesting in that it isn’t considered correct or accurate by the relevant experts but is seen as a tool to facilitate introspection.



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But really ENFP. Last time we did this thread there were like 2 of us that came up E’s


I took that quiz months ago and I’m ESFJ.

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Oh i didn’t even take the test. I just read the descriptions

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I tested as omgwtfbbq. 100% accurate test. Soooo me!

But in all seriousness, I test as intj when im super depressed. But when im not ready to meet the reaper i test as intp.

Several months later, and i am still-

The evidence that i should have went into psychology just keeps mounting… :pensive:

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That’s not really so surprising. I’d imagine a lot of people who like hanging out at forums and especially something as obscure as GBX off-topic section probably are a little introverted.

Also, how do you people think your description defines you? I should probably have put more emphasis on asking that because I’m interested in seeing if people feel the description fits them.


Pretty well in a lot of respects.
In real life I’m pretty adept at interactions with folks for work or small talk, and I like hearing people’s stories more than sharing my own.

I have relatively few ‘friends’, but cultivate deeper relationships with the people I do care about.

As my profile description says, I like discussing deeper topics.

A lot of my co-workers would probably describe me as nerdy but affable.