What is your PSN/gamertag and what is the meaning behind it?

Bored and curious as to how people came up with their PSN/gamertag username. Post yours and explain the meaning behind it!

My PSN is Mayhem_Megadeth

Mayhem is a hard rock/metal concert they do annually here in south California. It was the first concert I’ve ever went to. Megadeth is a heavy metal band famous in the 80s/90s, and they inspired me to play guitar in the first place. That’s basically how I came up with mine; I just merged the two together.


My name I came up with in middle school when I created a YouTube account. My favorite bands at the time were AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, and Aerosmith. Yep, there we go.

The name is derived from the song Dyskrasia by kidneythieves which was my mother’s favorite band next to Incubus and Nine Inch Nails. I’ve been meaning to change it for a long time now but it’s essentially a tribute.

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Not on PSN but… was having problems going on line when I 1st got the xbox and called customer support and they gave me the name so I kept it.

With that said

@Metal_Mayhem you are my new favorite poster

If I had to pick a “favorite” all time band it would the deth, I have been a fan since day one when dave and metallica split and KIMB hit the shelves. I have seen them 15 times now, met dave a few etc…

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Dude, I think we’re long lost brothers or something.

Megadeth was and still is awesome. I just wish there would be a reunion with Dave, David, Marty and Nick sometime soon. I heard Nick is open to return soon, which would be freaking awesome and make my year.

I don’t have any imagination at all so I just took the singer and bassist from Sodom’s artist name.

Sodom is a German Thrash Metal band.
My PSN is the_angelripper.

Agreed. I’ve been a Megadeth fan for around 26 years now.

I use a lot of military vernacular in everyday conversation. So when I was thinking up a new online handle it had to be Danger Close, or variations thereof. (except here, where I used my shift login instead of my forum ID like a muppet).

A lot of metal heads on this forum, I’m impressed!

gonna ruin your day

Chris Adler and Kiko Loureiro

I wanted Marty back so bad,

-sips coffee- Leave it to Train to derail a topic. lol

It’s a long story where “xmngr” comes.

It is a “ShumanGore” simplification, and it has another story behind it.

People who is from Punta Arenas it is usually called chumango in other parts of Chile (Santiago, Valparaíso, Concepción, Antofagasta, etc). There comes ths “Shuman-” part. And at the time I created the nick, usually looked at gory stuff sites. Then comes the “-Gore” part. Then was changed to “xumangore” and ended as xmngr.
I usually uses this nick on english language forums and as a Steam ID. In other forums (spanish language ones) it’s just “feña”, a short for Fernando, which is my real name.

Thought that Mayhem part came from that “other” Mayhem. You know, Norwegian Inner Circle n’■■■■ like that.

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that’s what I do best darlin

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…Ill leave now

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For my user name; I like red, and I’m always on guard like a sentry. For my gt/ign; I like wolves, and storms are cool. I’m a very simple person.

Adler!? Dude from Lamb of God?

Oh man. There goes my hopes and dreams for Nick’s return.

Sorry for the little off topic talk guys. :grimacing:

I never, never give a damn about going off topic on the off topic board.

Anyways yes the LOG guy. Not that he is bad, but really wanted marty back. And after the last few lack luster albums, the whole departure of chris and sean (although he stunk) was thinking this would be the prime chance to get nick and marty back.

Now who knows, this next album may be dave and david and session guys and then who knows on a tour. Maybe something like the system has failed (I would be very happy with that)

Mine is Greasy_Broccoli.

People just think it is Broccoli that is greasy, but it is really a sex move

I didn’t like them either to be honest, so when they both left I was pretty glad in hope to have Nick and Marty return. Will we ever get an album as good as Rust In Peace and Peace Sells? Nope, but hopefully we’ll get something good soon. Dave and David are kings! They still have it in them.

But RIP was their one, their best, I don’t think no matter what you would get a RIP 2 but…

Something on par with countdown or youth I am fine with.

I liked chris, better then most of what they have had since marty left.