What is your top 3 gun in the new DLC

For me, in no specific order
1.Light Show
3.Proprietary License

there are like 23 new legendary weapons in this new DLC, a lot of the other weapons really need some love and buff GBx …


Only have one I like so far and I’m loving it.

  1. Beacon
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And still so much more to test

i like the gargoyle too but way too ammo hungry …

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I have a Robins call and am loving it. With all the accuracy buffs I have on my Zane I can snipe with a shotgun that ricochets and returns ammo … And a single good headshot triggers brain freeze. So much fun with it right now


I also Main Zane, i did farm up a few of Robins Call myself… played around with it, i didn’t find it doing enough dmg for my liking. Maybe i suck with it or doing some wrong lol…

actually Jacobs weapons are among my least favorite lol…

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So far the light show and the Gargoyle are the only gun that are miles aways from the rest, absolutely wrecking things. But they also wreck your amno

The Jackobs gun that allow you to charge up is nice, but the recoil is a bit too high.

Light show only consumes 1 bullet per shot. The gargoyle i agree with you, consumes a minimum of 2 and maximum of 4 depending on which variant you have

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Yeah, but the light show spit bullet quite fast. It’s not as amno hungry that the gargoyle, sure, but it still chew them fast

true, i tried the light show on valkari in maliwan take down, it melted them faster than my monarch did lol… though some ppl calls it mini-monarch or baby monarch… but damn that pistol shreds…

Power creep as usual.

I’m surprise by the Harold though, on the paper it should wreck, in reality, not so much.

The AR which shoot sticky bomb that stack until a critical mass is doing okay too

The Harold doesn’t seem to be better than the Lightshow which shocked me a bit.

It is not better , but why are you expecting it to be better ?

Just the history of the Harold where it was so powerful.

Lol I’m not gonna say its a top but I found the Epic peashooter and just running around Bear nuking and Moze fanning my way through Mayhem 10. BM+DW.

I can’t find a bullet sponge :slight_smile:


I’ve got a bloom thats able to take the Ruiner down to half health with a single burst on moze M10

Where does LightShow drop?

So far I’ve been getting quite a good amount of light shows from the laserdactyl in obsidian forest. It’s one of the crew challenges and close to oletta’s place.

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It can drop from any of the crew challenge (Named enemies) in the new DLC, sorry i cannot remember the dedicated drop creature for this you gonna have to youtube.

most of these new guns shares loot pool among all the crew challenges / name enemies around the map in this new DLC, but they do have their own dedicated drop source as well

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I’m farming for the light show now and I’ve already gotten five of them in the past hour xD