What issues would a SSD help?

I’m running BL3 couch coop on my XBOX ONE (no X). Game runs relatively well, except horrible lag when either player opens the menus. Also loading times are a quite a bit long. Was wondering if an external SSD would help mitigate these issues. Thanks!

It might help with load times, and maybe with issues when one player opens their inventory or hits a vendor - the game has to load all the textures/models for all items as part of populating the screen. It still has to process/render those items though, and I have no idea how much time that takes relative to reading from disk.

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I don’t think an SSD would help at all. Everything is stored in the cloud for this game is it not? The lag is from memory allocation and page resource allocation optimization not being done at all. In fact, it doesn’t seem like any resources were invested in the couch co-op mode once they got it to boot to a split screen the first time. They just stopped after that.

No. All content and saves are on your local drive, and all processing is done on your local hardware for PC (Epic), XBox, and Playstation versions of the game.

The save files are uploaded to the cloud of that is how you have things set up.

Load times it’s what it would help with, but not as much as on PC. The PS4 & X-Box One can’t fully utilize an SSD but it would greatly reduce your load times.

Granted you will be waiting for others when playing in a group, unless they also have SSDs.

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Since this is XB1, they are both local and backed up to the cloud. If you launch a game that doesn’t have save files locally, the system will attempt to download them from the cloud.

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Thanks! Only planning on playing couch.