What item(s) have you tried and found not to your liking?

To clarify, this isn’t a “what is the worst” list. From what I’ve tried and disliked as of the first post:

In general:

  • [1] Bandit Madhaus!, which ricochets all over the place, and remains relatively unaffected by “Close Enough”.
  • [1] Vladof Swift Blasters. The recoil is manageable, but the ROF – which can go up to 12.3 – can go through your magazine/reserves like a hot knife through butter if you’re not careful.
  • [2] Excepting Maliwan Spikers and Tediore Two for One Spikers/Darts, E-Tech pistols in general.
  • [3] Bandit PRAZMA CANON. Best used for overhead fire support where it can be maximized from the rear, but comparatively useless – mayhaps even counter-productive – on the front.
  • [3] Tediore Bunny. Works great…until you reload it.
  • [4] Bandit and Torgue-barrel shotguns on anyone but Salvador, simply for their actual magazine size after all the math has been done. Also, Bandit E-Tech shotguns (Splaher Blashter) for the same reason.
  • [5] Maliwan Chulainn for the self-slagging, which gets worse when in Gaige’s hands: http://borderlands.wikia.com/wiki/Gaige/Quotes
  • [5] The Bane.
  • [5] The Crit.
  • [6] Hyperion Longbow and Jakobs Buffalo.
  • [6] Vladof Molokos in general, the Skorry Moloko in particular. Because the damn thing kicks like a mule, consumes 2 rounds of ammo, and its ROF can range from 8.0 to 9.2, which is (respectively) that of a non-accelerated Maliwan SMG to just shy of the accelerated Hyperion SMGs [=prefix: Proactive].
  • [S] The Cradle.
  • [G] Except for the Tesla, normal AoE grenades with any prefix but Longbow. In a nutshell:
  • enemies can lead the Homing variants straight back to you.
  • it can have a very wide radius of up to 700 or more.
  • the effect completely ignores walls.
  • [G] Magic Missile (x4). For all that it’s good for ammo regeneration and slagging, the fact that it has powerful detonations and can be R2S’d by hyper-aggressive enemies like Rabid Stalkers puts it on my dislike list.

On anyone but specific character(s):

  • [ASS] Jakobs “Two fer” pistols
  • [GUN] Tediore “Two for One” pistols and Plasma Casters
  • [MEC] Weapons with
  • arcing fire patterns (Vladof Hail and Vladof Lead Storm)
  • a spread that won’t otherwise hit your target (Bandit Sawbar) or maximize its damage (Dahl Blaster)
  • general inaccuracy (Vladof Shredifier)
  • wide conical spread-over-distance (Torgue-barrel shotguns)

NOTEWORTHY MENTION: I never got the Bandit CHOPPER, but I’m not liking the idea of one trigger pull – by accident or intention – running through my magazine like water.</font color>

I might add more, but I doubt I’ll be changing my stance on these.

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The longbow and the buffalo are awesome, I really like how they don’t have sights, It makes them much easier to use at mid-range.

The Hail is a great weapon I strongly recomend you revisit it.

I hear people say this a lot about the chopper, and while I admit that it’s not the best gun, that is not the main problem with it: the fire can be easily terminated by melee attacking or swaping weapons.

the sawbar is a great weapon is a good weapon, it does have a bit of a learning curve though

Krieg loves Torgue shotguns with the Torgue barrel. Though I agree they’re not very effective on anyone else, except maybe Axton.

One of the weapons I’ve tried that I wasn’t impressed with was the Butcher. Sure it puts out a lot of rounds and can replenish your ammo, but it seemed a bit lackluster on Krieg. I may try it on Maya instead.

Bandit Plasma Casters because, while having a larger magazine is generally a good thing, that just means you have more chances to kill yourself before you have to reload. Using a Shock or Slag one (in UVHM at least) is especially entertaining. :blush:

NOTE: Other Bandit SMGs like the Tattler and Slagga (Slag) are both fine.

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@Wingsday: I wouldn’t doubt much of what you say, just that I have my prefs. The Buffalo I could probably use, but the Longbow not so much. As for the rest:

  • The Hail is a great weapon, but I wasting ammo even if the enemy is getting rained on. Rather than sideline it, I give it to Gaige, who can maximize all shots, even if at half the damage.
  • True, the CHOPPER can be terminated by melee or swapping weapons, but when I don’t melee much and am more of a Rambo-type player, that is kind of a problem.
  • The Sawbar is also good, but I give it to Gaige to net an output/consumption rate of 3:1 – fire one bolt that spreads into 3 ‘petals’, which then trip “Close Enough” and converge on a target. I’m pretty sure this gets 150% damage because math. Similarly, this is also why I give her the Dahl Blaster, Dahl Pitchfork, and anything similar.

@Gulfwulf: If I’m reading the stats right, and factoring the wiki’s variant charts at Lv61*, it’s basically a Face Time’s stats with the damage stat of a Development. Taking into account the equal comparisons in the wiki chart at Lv61 of the elemental variety, That said, while it is good, I personally favor Tediore shotguns – specifically the Deliverance and Blockhead – for front-line combat.

*both charts have Lv61 weapons, but only the Butcher's shows OP8.

@Poisd2Strike: You’re gonna have to clarify that for me. Granted the projectiles do explode at a distance, but I’ve never heard of that kind of backfiring. Of course, to be fair, I gave mine to Gaige after finding that fact out.

As for the Tattler, well, you already know what I did for maximization. As for the Slagga, I have no character restrictions on it.

ALL of the Seraph items that aren’t the Blockade, Antagonist, Evo, Florentine, Interfacer and the slag version of the Crossfire. The rest are a waste of crystals and easily replaced/outperformed by a legendary or blue unique.

All of the Pearls that aren’t the Bekah or the Sawbar(on certain chars) are magically underwhelming for general combat.

I’m guessing you’re using the Hail at relitively long range hitting enemies as the bullets come down? try using it on the early part of the arc, the bullets will be spread out less and you can use the crit bonus pretty well. you do have to look down a bit, but assuming you’re not on last gen consoles, you have the option to increase FOV enough for that to be mostly a non-issue.

You don’t have to actualy hit anything with the melee attack you can just do it to stop shooting the chopper

I couple things about the sawbar, if you just back off, you can hit enemies with all three explosions, you just need to maintain the right spacing. Also, CE does not effect spash damage so bouncing stuff like that dosen’t decrease the damage, other than what you loose when it dosen’t bounce.

@Wingsday: Unfortunately, PS3.

Re. the CHOPPER, I got that, but still…
Re. the Sawbar, the spacing is common knowledge, but the rest is kinda new to me.

I think it’s silly when people use sweeping generilaztions like this, because more often than not, they are simply incorrect.

some examples:

  • the tattler is one of the best SMGs in the game, up there with the sandhawk, the bitch, and hyperion PCs
  • the Big boom blaster is a great shield, allowing rocket launcher and/or grenade based playstyles without relying on the sham or random drops
  • the metor shower is a superior version of the bonus package
  • pun-chee is a great roid shield, not a lot of people use it simply because the HoT has a little extra utility and longer recharge dela, but it’s still an exelent shield
  • the infection is a very powerful DoT weapon, and actually one of the very few weapons in the game that can kill almost exclusively using DoT
  • the interfacer is a rather overrated weapon, I’ll be the first to admit that it does tons of damage, but trying to mob with it on anyone but Sal will just run you out of ammo.
  • the florentine is a grossly overrated weapon, being completely outclassed in slagging and dealing damage (that’s not to say it’s useless, there are many cases where it’s a good choice)
  • the omen is a very powerful shotgun espically on Axton

the same goes for the pearls, although many of those are a bit more situational.

@Raven_Ghosthawk Ah, that’s unfortuante

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The bullets from Bandit Plasma Casters reflect and can damage and even put your character in FFYL, if you take enough damage. They are the only brand of Plasma Casters that have bullets that reflect. That is why I have no use for them. Hyperion and Maliwan brand Plasma Casters are much better overall.

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Landscaper and torgue barreled ARs outside of the kerblaster.

I think it’s silly when you spent that much time typing a response to me when I simply stated to the OP what I found to my disliking.

Just my two cents, and really? Molehills to mountains. The posturing can go elsewhere and I suggest you keep your responses to the OP.

Also, the Seraphim is actually a good Fire element assault rifle that can be easily farmed from the Oasis Seraph Vendor provided you have enough Seraph Crystals and are willing to put in some time if wanting specific parts and / or prefix.

Forum ID: Poisd2Strike
GT: Poisd2Strike
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I’ve never used the Seraphim, I always forgetabout it, I guess I’ll go blow up pete a couple times later, I hte when stuff is locked into corosive or fire though it’s so annoying.

Also they hawkeye is a pretty decent sniper on axton, he dosen’t have much in the way of crit bonuses so it dosent waste them, and he has a decent amount of gun damage buffs to make up for it’s low base damage.

I’m not the biggest fan of Seraph weapons, but the Meteor Shower is a pretty swell grenade, and the Shadow of the Seraphs relic takes a pretty neat character skill and gives it to all characters.
To add in items I tried and don’t like: Any Dahl pistol or Etech AR, and the Impaler shield.

[quote=“Poisd2Strike, post:10, topic:1119234”]The bullets from Bandit Plasma Casters reflect and can damage and even put your character in FFYL, if you take enough damage. They are the only brand of Plasma Casters that have bullets that reflect.[/quote]Jeezus…

use it on maya or gaige, and just bounce them all over the ■■■■■■■ place.

The only item that I still haven’t been able to make useful or otherwise entertaining is the Cradle. I’m still trying, but I just don’t think it’s there. Maybe I should go bug Henry for some other variants, but I can’t seem to get the damage to hurt anything. Every other piece of gear in the game is something I would consider fun (and so far, everything listed here is actually stuff that makes its way into my main loadouts).

Because of the rules I have about allegiance and gear selections, there are some that I don’t use, but not for lack of the weapons’ ability to damage. For example, I think Vladof Rocketeers are pretty fun, but on Zer0 with B0re, the torpedos basically whiff through targets without hitting them (and since my Vladof allegiance character is Zer0, the Rocketeer sits on the shelf).

The Impaler. I love this shield on paper, in game not so much.

Leech Grenades. Tried them and prefer any Purple rarity Transfusion grenade.

The Bane. No explanation needed.

The Gub. Could never get into it and always prefered the Hornet.

Just my buck-50, with the usual 8.85% sales tax:

RE: Magic Missile, x4: I use this one regularly on Zer0, for slagging and grenade regen. So what I do is get a low level one (I farm the Magic Slaughter on TVHM to get level 50 MMs to be used by my level 72 and OP+ toons).

Denied a Second Wind, despite getting credit for the appropriate BadAss challenge: Seriously, this happens much too often for me (and it seems to have only gotten worse in TPS). I do everything to stay on my feet, but then I get the dying and respawning cut scene, only to be “rewarded” with completing the rank 5 “Death, Wind, and Fire” challenge. This is not so much an item, but more just a circumstance that I dislike.

Yellow Jacket: I want to like this weapon, but it doesn’t seem to measure up against some other shock SMGs when i use it on Gaige. Any pointers anyone?

Flakker: Yeah, I know, this is potentially one of the most damaging weapons in the game. Yes, there is a cult regarding it. And yes, it takes practice to maximize its potential. But in the end, I hate limiting my playstyle just to accommodate a single weapon. On the flip side, I do like the Infinity, despite it not being as powerful as other similar weapons.

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