What item(s) have you tried and found not to your liking?

I’ll just leave this here. :blush:

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Keep one in an equipment slot, and you’ll still hear it while using another gun - the voice eventually transfers all on its own. (Same thing in TPS with the Boganella and the Heartful Splodger.)


Really thanks for the info

That- is just fricking awesome

Everyone might jump on me for this one, but I kind of hate almost all non-shotgun Hyperion guns. I may be a nutto, but I like some recoil. Not denying that they can’t be great guns, just not my bag for the most part. I do however, enjoy their shotguns quite a bit.

[quote=“Wingsday, post:23, topic:1119234, full:true”]Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of it, it’s not bad, but it just feels like it does less damage than the hail (I’ve never done the math, but I’m fairly certain that it does) while also lacking the lifesteal. That said, the heal is a great gun, definately one of the best ARs so I guess that’s not really a fair comparison.[/quote]Max stats list (Max Stat Gear Lists) show the Lead Storm to beat out the Hail in everything but accuracy, although it lacks the health regen. That said, I like 'em both…

@Poisd2Strike Is it weird that I hate how the gun sounds solo, but find a pair hilarious?

Same here. There are a couple of Hyperion unique and legendary guns that I enjoy using, namely the Lady Fist, the Bitch and the aforementioned Morning Star, but that’s pretty much it for me. When it comes to non-unique guns, their shotguns are the only ones I really use. At least Hyperion makes singularity grenades to make up for it.

I’m almost with you there. I do like the Lady Fist and the Apparatus style pistols. I got a (shock) Diamond Apparatus from Butt Stallion that I looooooove. Can’t seem to get into their SMGs or sniper rifles, though. Even the Bitch just doesn’t inspire me.

so true

I am with you on the bitch. It’s not that I dislike it, per se, it just doesn’t feel right to me. I do like the morning star though, but mainly because the voice cracks me up every time.

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Probably a few unpopular opinions…

  • Ogre: For as strong as I’ve heard it is, I don’t feel like I’m seeing enough destruction. Or perhaps I’m using it wrong.

  • Badaboom: I think I’m spoiled from how stupid launchers can get with Athena in TPS, but once I came back to BL2 after not having played for a few years I can’t say I’m blown away by some of the top launchers. There’s just nothing like spamming 20 shots at Jakobs pistol level fire rate without reloading haha

  • Swordsplosion. Idk, just not a fan…

  • Storm: If only it did more damage…even with Shock Gaige I feel like it’s lackluster. And what’s worse is that it’s such a cool concept!!

unless your using Krieg or Axton, your using the Ogre wrong. Both can boost AR, gun and explosive damage. It’s a bullet hoses, and they boost all those little explosions down field. the extra 100% splash doesnt hurt either.

The thing is, that while the lead storm splits into 3, the hail splits in 2 and has splash and a really big (type A) crit bonus.

Also, you forgot the square bracket around max stats list.

Edit: So I ran the numbers: the hail has 80% splash, so if you look at only splash and split, the hail will do 3.6 times the base damage, while the lead storm only does 3 times base damage. Additionally, I ran the numbers at OP8, and the increased base damage on the lead storm is not enough to put it over the hail (882000 v. 799740 per shot, hail v LS respectively). Note that this doesn’t take into account the Hail’s crit bonus.

Lead Storm is fantastic for how readily available it is. I only really used it for awhile before catching a Sawbar drop, but it was my go to with Axton when I fought the Black Queens. I’d trap them in the door to D’s Mom area with my turrets and hose the space. So good…

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[quote=“Handsome_Dad, post:54, topic:1119234, full:true”]I’m almost with you there. I do like the Lady Fist and the Apparatus style pistols. I got a (shock) Diamond Apparatus from Butt Stallion that I looooooove. Can’t seem to get into their SMGs or sniper rifles, though. Even the Bitch just doesn’t inspire me.[/quote]Dunno about you, but there are some good ones I’ve found. Generally I dislike 'em for the long calibrations, but then there are some that just do that real quick. Like that other purple SMG, an Analytical Presence (fire) IIRC, that I picked up quite recently – stabilized inside of two seconds of continuous fire.
As for their sniper rifles, total agreement, but mainly because I like my fire rate pretty warm. Jakobs Klook Diaub is just right.

As for SMG accuracy, imagine if they made an SMG that fired multiple-but-(gradually) converging shots like the Octo…
Speaking of which, there’s an idea!

The Cobra.


I came in here to post this.


The Bane and The Crit. Dang crit lost it in a clift. and the bane shouts always driving me insane

Ravager is beast as Hell, but not for everybody. Personally, it just doesn’t fit my playstyle, even if I’m using it with Gaige.

There are better shotguns for Gaige. I would only use a Ravager with Axton and Krieg because both can boost its damage. Everybody else gets something more suited for them.


The Norfleet…:relaxed:

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