What item(s) have you tried and found not to your liking?

Except that instead of stating your opinion, like “I don’t like any seraph weapons besides …” you stated unequivocally that they are outperformed by legendaries and blues, and this is absolutely not true, as Wingsday pointed out.

Also, no love for the Lead Storm? I love that gun.

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[quote=“SpiderTeo, post:20, topic:1119234”]
Yellow Jacket: I want to like this weapon, but it doesn’t seem to measure up against some other shock SMGs when i use it on Gaige. Any pointers anyone?[/quote] If the damage compared to another shock e-tech SMG isn’t there, it just isn’t (I don’t get the impression that this has any special damage output). I like the challenge of hitting enemies while we’re both moving… you get these weird arcs of traveling plasma orbs that seem to point in the wrong direction, but then curve back into the target. I still think there’s something to this gun besides the odd projectile acceleration that we haven’t found yet.

[quote=“brak3000, post:21, topic:1119234”]Also, no love for the Lead Storm? I love that gun.[/quote]I’m down… even the Retcher is on my list of faves.

Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of it, it’s not bad, but it just feels like it does less damage than the hail (I’ve never done the math, but I’m fairly certain that it does) while also lacking the lifesteal. That said, the heal is a great gun, definately one of the best ARs so I guess that’s not really a fair comparison.

Assault rifles in general…
Shotguns in general…
Torgue weapons in general…
Bandit weapons in general…
Vladof weapons in general…
I know its a large group and they do many things, its just me!
I really tend to use the same things on everyone so far.
Maya Sandhwak
Sal Pimpernel, rocket launchers
Axton Tediore SMGs, actually I use a bunch of stuff on him, just have played him in a while…

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Really? It’s there. Go kill Tubbies and they’ll drop you one. :dukejk: If you’re on the PC, I can slip you the next one we find provided I don’t toss it off a cliff first. :dukewhistle:

I love Butchers on Krieg- the high rate of fire helps make up for my lack of aim at times :smile:. At OP8 I tend to ignore spike and nova shields not named the Antagonist and FotF respectively- the damage output vs. health regeneration of enemies is sorely lacking…

I figured I’d buy two Lead Storms, and destroy Pete with them.

Turns out the LS are a bit strange, although perhaps with a bit of build tweaking I could make them work.

You should totally do that. I personally prefer the Butcher over the Conference Call, but I’m weird. I have a level 61 corrosive Butcher I’ve been passing down between characters. Maya + Butcher + Bunker = shreddies. Zer0 + Butcher + Bunker = N0 Challenge. A shock Butcher on Gaige is hilarious - I don’t even bother switching to corrosive against armour with that combo.

All Jakobs shotguns (except the Striker and the Orphan Maker)- I’ve tried but I just can’t make them work.
Slow Hand- Just a gun that fires exploding blobs. Not very exciting or fun to use for me. The reliance on one prefix to actually be effective also hurts this gun.
Flakker- It’s only there to kill Badass Pyre Threshers and that’s pretty much it. As with the Slow Hand, the foregrip is mandatory which makes farming for a good one time consuming.
Antagonist- I play pretty defensively and in those situations the slag orbs have a tendency to slag me instead of the enemies.
Grog Nozzle (and to a lesser extent, most Moxxi weapons)- As much as I hate this thing I can’t deny the fact that it makes raiding so much easier. Once I started using the Grog, I almost became addicted to it. It made the game much easier and it took a while before I ditched it. This thing pretty much makes survivability skills obsolete which hurts build diversity.
Pimpernel- I don’t know why I dislike it. I really don’t.

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I honestly can’t figure out the Flakker, KerBlaster, or Sawbar. I understand how they work, I just can’t seem to make it fit with my playstyle. I haven’t used about half of the unique guns in the game, so I can’t judge them, but yeah.

Oh, and the Unforgiven is on my ■■■■ list too. The sway is too much to snipe with and the fire rate too low to spam with.

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I can not for the life of me make the judge work.

I really don’t like or can’t figure out how to use properly any rubberized grenade mod or grenades with 3+ fuse time.

I’m using it with a Jakobs allegiance relic. Makes a huge diffirence.

I honestly can’t gett myself to like the Conference Call. I tried using it multiple times but either I miss something, or handle it completely wrong, but it is not giving the DPS I want.

Well, that and it can’t be used on the PS3 version of the game.

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I use the cc on the ps3 on sal a lot it’s never screwed with mine, but that may just be me.

It really isn’t a beast of a shotgun, but it’s still a fairly reliable weapon and it has never let me down DPS-wise. I actually like it very much. You know what I really love about it? With a little practice, you can hit enemies behind cover and around corners with the shots that split to the sides. I love doing this at Southpaw Steam & Power.

What’s the issue with it on PS3? I never heard anything about it.

When the cap was still 50 i didn’t run into any slowdown, that started to happen when the number crunching became out of hand.

The number crunching and pellet generating takes its toll on the processor, making the whole game slow down to a crawl, freeze for a second or make the game crash entirely.

At lvl 72 it’s fine I don’t have an op8 one to test so I can’t answer for op8

Yeah. I admit that I should’ve added that I play on OP8 myself.

I play sal on op8 so I know what real lag is. Money shot chain on a dpuh with high fire rate hardly ever ends good lol.

More on topic, I think a lot of the guns being mentioned here are actually universally dismissed. I think it’s more interesting to see guns that are generally taken as good weapons but some people don’t like to use (like the Conference Call). In my case: Lead Storm, Slow Hand and the Grog Nozzle. I don’t like how they look, I don’t like the feel of them and I don’t like how they shoot. I don’t enjoy the Grog, in particular. I might give it another shot when I get around to trying a couple of the harder raid bosses, but I generally prefer a slag Rubi. If there’s a weapon in the game that’s used like a crutch by a lot of players, it’s the Grog Nozzle.

I also wanna defend the Bane. Not because I think it’s a good weapon, but because I think people who complain about it and try to come up with ways to make it better are actually missing the point. It actually performs exactly like it was intended to perform and that’s not a design mistake. The Bane is actually supposed to annoy you, get you killed often and be almost unusable. It’s a plot device, a story McGuffin. According to its backstory, it’s a gun that has killed at least three of its previous wielders. If you were expecting the gun to be any different for you, you weren’t paying much attention. You see decent stats on the card and it makes you want to use it, but as soon as you do, you realize that it leaves you exposed like a sitting duck and practically deaf. If you decide to keep using it, you put your life and your sanity at risk. That’s the joke and the actual point of the gun. The fact they don’t take every single detail in the game seriously and are willing to put stuff like this in the game just for the laughs is one of the things I love the most about Borderlands. It’s like those little non-missions, like “Kill Yourself”, “Shoot this Guy in the Face”, Claptrap’s birthday party and Grandma Flexington. I can certainly understand why a lot of people don’t like stuff like that, but personally, I think those are hilarious and a breath of fresh air in this all too serious gaming world we currently live in.