What Keeps Us Playing Battleborn? *poll and written response*

TL;DR - TAKE THE POLL OR TYPE A RESPONSE (OR BOTH). What keeps you coming back to Battleborn?

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  • Love the characters!
  • Build / Loadout / gear variety.
  • Those lores…gotta catch em all!
  • Rewarding, in depth game mechanics.
  • It looks so shiny!
  • Camaraderie / playing with friends.
  • Story mode! Must save Solus!
  • There can be only One, and it is me (gotta be the best).
  • Getting that Platinum trophy!
  • PVP, the true way of the warrior!
  • All of the above.

Ok, so, I have been thinking about this a lot lately…

What keeps us all coming back to Battleborn?

What keeps us playing it obsessively and spending almost every spare minute we get playing it?

The game has now been out for approximately 9 months and 2 weeks (closed and open betas) and I personally, despite having achieved my Battleborn Platinum trophy and sitting at over 800 hours of BB playtime (mainly PVP cuz I’m a glutton for punishment) spend an inordinate amount of free time grouping up with friends and doing matches.

Since then, I have passed one short game (Far Cry Primal) and made small dents in a couple of others, and my school has even sometimes suffered, but I keep coming back.

Despite playing the same 9 maps (not including story maps) over and over again, every match seems fresh and new and crazy because of the sheer number of characters to be thrown randomly against you and the crazy unpredictability of the human element of the players controlling those characters.

Thinking back, I suppose the vast majority of my time was spent solo queueing (mostly) while I mastered all the characters, but, since starting the Forum Folks chat and having such easy access to such nice, skilled, friendly people, I have spent just as much as, if not more, time playing a few characters that I know very well and having drinks while I shoot the s**t on mic with people while we do matches.

The characters are amazing and well developed with multiple rewarding playstyles for each, the game mechanics are deep and rewarding, the lore, writing and dialogue are top notch, and Gearbox has been so kind and supportive to us, their dedicated Battleborn fans, especially with the wealth of new tweaks and stuff provided by the Winter Update!

This is getting longer than I intended, so, please, take the poll and type out a response (or just do one of those two LOL) and let us know why you, personally, love this game so much!

Thanks in advance!


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Voted on the best Story option.
I have purchased two copies of this game for that.
If no Story mode I wouldn’t have purchased one.


W-Well, i’m pretty sure that i’m Toby… So, you know… That…

EDIT: Also, @FlamesForAll, WHERE is the dialog option?! I like it when i scream: GAZE UPON TOBY AND DESPAIR!! HAHAHAHAHA!!




Can’t be added now, sadly!

Guess that’s folded in with “I love the characters”?

Characters for me. If it wasn’t for Caldarius, I wouldn’t have gotten this game.


I love the characters, and I love kicking ass. I hate just about every multiplayer game out there, but I f*cking LOVE Battleborn.

Battleborn 2 with Whiskey Foxtrot as the spokesman please.


the guy who got me into the open beta is also getting a copy for the PS4 downloading now…he’s gonna learn!


Why wasn’t this a poll option?




Easily the characters.

Orendi drew me into this game, stayed for WF and Phoebe, and Beatrix is pretty much Bb’s version of Gaige to me (meaning my favorite in the game bar none).



Stop insulting my body, @system! FLIPPERS ARE JUST AS GOOD AS HANDS!!


Because chill. I can get home from work and just kick my feet up, grab a bottle of something, and sit down with some friends on mic to play a few hours with. It’s a game I’ve never felt the need to take even remotely seriously (which is good because I’m trash).

The characters and dialogue are amazing, and the bright visuals are a nice break from the dull realism of modern games. Gameplay is excellent too - I never much liked MOBAs but Battleborn provides a very nice middle ground for me.





Runs off.


Deande. I love myself. I cannot express how much love that I have for Deande.
The people that I have met here in the forums. So many of you on PSN. You lot helped me open up a bit more to the strangeness of humanity. I remember that I rarely got on mic. Hahaha, so much has changed. The friendliness of the community is still foreign to me. It is very hard to comprehend, but also somewhat pleasant.
I am honored to have met you all…even if most of you are not Deande players :stuck_out_tongue:
As always @FlamesForAll if it wasn’t for you, I would have continued to play this game solo(which isn’t a bad thing.) But I would never had, had such an amazing team to bs around with. @blainebrossart1 @Nemosis327 just to name two. (I did not forget about the rest of you, just too many of you to keep up with x.x 100+)

EDIT: also, how can you not love this game? It is far far too unique. It is enjoyable and fun. GBXs sense of humor knows no bounds. It’s creative, no one can even aspire to be anywhere near close to GBXs innovative creativity. Not afraid to try something new, not afraid to be different. How can you not respect that? To me it seems like GBX does what they want to do, not what someone tells them that they should do.
100pts to Gryffindor


You’re on PS4 too?! It’s another sign…


Call me. -The Destoyer.

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What keeps me going?

Having my friends to play with.

Laughing about dumb ■■■■ that happens in matches where I get bored.

The really good games in PvP when two very skilled teams are going at it.

Listening @Nemosis327 get salty.

The fact that after about 800+ story missions, I’m convinced I still haven’t heard all of the dialogue in them.

Finding new ways to play my favorite characters. (Just found another one for Rath and I have another two gear load outs dedicated to it)

The fact that President Bro was made to be an obtainable title.

The satisfaction of getting a kill with my Crossblade.

Above all else though it would be my high level of patience with Gearbox to eventually get balance straight.



Can I call you…anytime?


Truly beautiful, dear friend!

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Other: the gameplay. Seriously, whatever mode, it’s just so fun to play!

So characters, story mode, rewards.

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