What keeps you guys playing

[spoiler] after level 50.
I’m really trying to find the desire to play more because I loved borderlands. I have thousands of hours in b2 and pre sequel but I have no desire to continue on grinding in this half ass game they call borderlands 3.
I hope the DLCs are truly epic otherwise this will go on the shelf next to the other failures in video games

Don’t be a Steve. Always use Spoiler tags.



Basically for build purposes, guardian rank and testing out legendaries/annointed.

who is steve, and they need to add a guy like in BL2 we can shoot up to see damage numbers and easily test weapons

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I’m not sure it’s there when I start the post

Getting more legendaries/Blue/Purple weapons with red text… just that right now cuz I hate the story. Side missions are fine.

I really hate the matchmaking … BL2 had it right, you could see and select where you wanted to play. Here they do it for you and its horrible


Because it’s fun when it’s not curb stomping me - far moreso than the previous games. Because I still have characters to level up. Because I mostly like the story and characters.

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Playing the Circles of Slaughter and Proving Grounds with friends. Finding more Legendaries. Being ready for when DLC’s drop.

I really hope they have more COS levels planned. The current 3 are fun as hell. But there needs to be more like a dozen to choose from, so it doesn’t get old.

Farming, even tho there is no specific loot source for basically anything. I’m just trying to get the anointed versions of the best guns, so I can be ready for the free maliwan takedown (raid) dlc in November.

Honestly… nothing. While gameplay itself is fun and addicting, I have literaly nothing to do. I have full bank and backpack of legendaries, even sold most of the shields and relics to make space. Did a few slaughter rounds with randoms, just melting everything on M3, get a dozen legendary drops per round is realy “exciting”… (not at all) So I am done with the game. I am not buying DLCs untill they release the whole thing with all DLCs with huge discount on PC (elsewhere than Epic)…



I tried to do TVHM but sadly it’s not keeping me, I’ve “plated” this game in two weeks and there’s nothing more to do here, back to BL1…

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Just collecting guns, admire their beauty in gun viewer and fighting enemy, the gunplay is far superior than pervious games, the gun feedback is so satisfying.


Well I’ve said a few times I really enjoy starting new, stopping at level 40, just do not enjoy the modes after that as much as starting new again and while the Bank is somewhat limited that’s OK because I find new weapons each time.

I’m really just playing to get all my toons thru the story on normal, I have zane left to do

Maybe 2 of them with get thru tvhm. I have no desire right now to get all 4 thru it.

My play time has dropped alot. Maybe an hr a day if I have nothing better to do.

I’m still enjoying exploring guns. Dabbling with simple self imposed challenges, such as a full COS without reloading. However I definitely miss the sheer number of condensed mobbing maps from Bl2.


For me, it’s all about gitting gudder. I’m still learning synergies and bizarre interactions, recently discovered one that I’m heavily abusing, and just figuring out what works with what. Trying to improve my proving grounds and slaughter circle times, and still looking for those perfect anointed guns in the process.

Still doing playthrough on TVHM for mission gear. When I get bored of questing I will switch to normal M3 and go down and kill every boss (takes about an hour to run through them all, mini and main and never reroll) Then will go back to ship. Will play with other builds with different mods to see which I like. I found myself less interested in the gear except perfect stat/anointed legendarys if I happen to come across them at this point. I am mostly looking to collect the rest of the trinkets, heads, skins, weapon skins. I get surprised about every 2nd run with something I did not have yet. Once I burn out, I will go to one of my other characters who are not near 50 yet.

What keeps me playing is the obsession with finding the ultimate Bloodletter Classmod for Moze.

That and an addictive personality combined with A.D.D.-driven hyperfocus on an unparalleled level.

Pretty much same here… Its the end game content I’m more after.

My Amara finished @ lvl43 (took my time)
Moze about lvl 34
Working on my Fl4k and Zane now

Right now I am trying out my second character. Moze (level 44) > Fl4k (17) > Zane > Amara.

I hope to get them through normal and have a good idea of which I like best. Then I will try to max one out as my main.