What kind of dlc you guys hope for in BL3?

I myself hope for a expansion on Marcus’s mercenary shop dlc the revenge of mr tinder flake with additional bosses like bad santa, Rudolf the red skag, and krampus. I also hope for more songs like the one the psycho sings love that song

After TTAoDk and Claptastic Voyage, the fourth DLC is going to be a hard act to follow.

Presumably we will be learning a lot about Siren lore in BL3, so a DLC focused on Siren lore in the same vein as Battleborn’s Phoebe and the Heart of Ekkunar would be my dream DLC.


I hope to see Space Pirates something in the lines of they take over your ship and you got to take it back or something like that.

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Metroid crossover?

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A Mr Torgue DLC that ends with us blowing up a planet.

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I hope for a DLC that revolves around the origins of one of our four new vault hunters. Maybe DLC concerning FL4K’s origins, finding other A.I.'s that had gained conciousness. Could really explore the depths of how artificial intelligence come into being or at least gain self awareness. We stumble upon a community of them, all living near the location of a vault. Our mission could be to help the A.I’s protect their home. The reward could be the contents of the vault.

Or we could have DLC concerning Zane, his past actions coming back to haunt him and his new vault hunter aquantinces. All the vault hunters essentially help Zane out of his debt by eliminating a dangerous group of targets all trying to open a vault on a border world. These targets could probably be ex-coworkers of his that all hate Zane’s guts for his betrayal of a corporation or corporations. We’d be trying to beat these targets to the vaults, systematically eliminating each one until we get to the mastermind behind this syndicate.

We could travel to Amara’s home planet and help her put an end to powerful crime bosses in Partali. If not her home community, then another part of her home world that requires her aid. Amara is the “Tiger of Partali” she’d probably feel her obligations do not end at the borders of her own community. In fighting to clean her homeworld of corruption, we stumble upon an ancient power. A vault hidden within her homeworld. What annitially starts as vigilante justice becomes a hard fight for this vault. You aid gangs and rebels on her planet by building up their ranks and supplying them by clearing posts that use to belong to corrupt officials and crime bosses.

Finally Moze, if you’re a fan of Star Wars, you’re essentially blowing up a Vladof base. Moze has been captured by Vladof and is sentenced to death for her dessertion of the corporation. The other vault hunters are there because they were with her at the time of her capture. They are associated with her, so they’re more or less there by circumstance. With the aid of your fellow prisoners, you fight your way through the Vladof base, scoring tons of loot in the process. It ends with the vault hunters destroying the Vladof base.

A DLC exploring at least one of the vault hunters would be awesome for me.


I nominate @mrbombasticronca as a writer for the BL3 DLC season.


I hope for something that takes the story further places. Or expounds upon it in ways that the main game didn’t get to. Like, the way Dragons Keep got to give us another perspective on how the story affected the characters.


Something weird, wonderful, and fun that isn’t horribly holiday themed, dissatisfyingly short, or capped off with an awful raid boss.

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I want a DLC that enables you to play as the main vault hunters from the first two games - well the ones that are still alive that is.
Would love to play BL3 with Lilith, Mordy, Brick, Maya, Zero, Sal and Axton!


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I loved the themed DLC: zombies, pirates, D&D… probably missed the boat for going more in depth with a cowboy motif sadly. And Claptastic Voyage was amazing. But so long as it has a good story I’m happy.
Couple more VH would be cool, so far DLC characters have been great (Gaige :heart:, Aurelia​:heart:).
If they do an arena type thing, I hope it’s more like Holodome which I rather enjoyed, and less like Underdome, which got overly tedious.

Captain scarlet revisited! She has a lot of potential + possibly combined with something about bricks sister! I think it would be cool to wrap up these cliff hangers.


Scarlett was my favourite DLC character, I too want to see more of her.

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