What Kind of Endgame Activity Do YOU Want?

Even though BL3 isn’t a “game as a service” type of game like Destiny or Division, there’s no doubt that a strong end game will be the most important part of keeping the hardcore players hooked. What kind of activities would you hope to see most? For me, things I’d love to see include:

  • Unique, post-game ONLY dungeons that change each time you enter and give awesome loot upon completion - preferably with certain loot tied to specific dungeons. This idea is similar to Diablo 3’s rifts or Destiny’s strikes, although the latter aren’t procedurally generated. I like raid bosses sometimes, but I personally find mobbing to be more fun and I think some post-game dungeons with high loot rewards would be a very enjoyable way to farm gear instead of “load game, fight boss, save/quit, repeat”.

  • Repeatable, post-game arenas - similar to the Slaughterdomes from BL2 - that reward you with high quality loot upon completion (notice a pattern here?).

  • Something similar to Diablo 3’s Adventure mode, that allows you to jump back in to any mission in the campaign at whichever difficulty level you choose.


I always thought a “Raid Tower” would be pretty cool. You’d have a raid boss on every floor and you have to kill it in order to advance to the next floor until you make it all the way to the top. And there would be treasure rooms after every boss, of course.


You pretty much covered mine already, OP.

  • horde mode/slaughterdomes (plural!). Don’t forget the mutators and difficulty slider from presequel cortex arena.
  • “dungeons”, i.e. some mobbing, some elite enemies, and a boss at the end, with a nice chest. Have the mutators and difficulty slider on these, too. I don’t mind if they’re not different every time, but obviously that would be pretty cool. Presequel had 4 of these (the moonstone chest areas). If it was me I’d have lots of them, and reduce/remove the cost of the “boss chests”.

Torchlight 2 is a really good example. It had Tarroch’s tomb, which had waves of enemies, and with each wave the players gambled the loot they got so far (and the loot was really good by the end); and it had the mapworks, quasi-randomly generated dungeons with various modifiers, 2 floors of mobs, with a boss and a top-tier chest at the end.

  • Something to do with collecting eridium and exchanging it for good loot. Eridium can be acquired through any kind of gameplay, which I think makes it a cool way to tie into endgame stuff. Maybe have the eridium-fed slot machines/chests from tiny tina dlc, or even buttstallion.

I would love some missions similar to Dead Effect 2 like:

1: Port into a specific smaller dungeon where you just have to survive for a period of time and mobs keep spawning in.

2: Port into a smaller dungeon where you just have to kill a specific number of mobs, or waves of mobs.

3: Port into longer dungeon where you fight through a ton of mobs (or run) and objective is to kill main boss at end.

4: Maybe a dungeon where you have to capture a certain point and then hold it for a period of time.

All those are simple to implement and if you are given the ability to pick a difficulty for each one, it lets you challenge yourself in whatever way you want. They don’t need to take more than 5-10 minutes each and are fun, simple mobbing dungeons for the most part. You could have a random purple reward with a chance for a legendary if you complete the hardest mission.

On top of those I love having (again, like Dead Effect 2) a variety of small missions you complete as you progress through the main game or side missions:

1: Kill a certain amount of a specific mob over a long period of time

2: Kill bosses with a specific weapon type (or badasses maybe) a certain amount of time

3: Open a certain amount of lockers/chests/ammo crates etc

4: Complete a certain amount of quests

These are just things that you can keep track of in your mission menu to see how close you are and when you complete one in game you could maybe have to talk to a certain person to get your reward (which could be anything) before it then opens up the next one in that line. Each difficulty could have there own missions and when you reset a difficulty it resets the missions.

Also, you could have specific missions with each different weapon type and when you complete it you get a blue/purple weapon of that type. If you complete enough before resetting your game maybe the last one gives a random legendary of that type.

Dead Effect 2 is a very basic game compared to Borderlands but it holds a lot of similarities and these little missions really add a lot to the game. Gearbox should look at what they did in that game as random missions and do similar things.

Not everyone wants to just to raid bosses, nor does everyone have friends to play with for raid boss gear, and some people just aren’t skilled enough to fight raid bosses solo. Having these kinds of things would really help these people out a lot as alternative ways to get gear or progress the higher difficulties.

Something I can do solo. That and stuff where I don’t need to have perfect skill point allocation, playstyle, and equipment loadouts… (eyes OP levels angrily)

Honestly, I don’t want any “specialty challenges” such as “Defeat X boss Y number of times while getting the killing blow with Z weapon type/brand you never use and don’t like”.
I just want something I can do on my own that keeps me entertained. Arenas have been cool (when I can solo them) and I can occasionally dig on equipment/cosmetic farming if I like it enough.

I will say that Mattm33’s idea of post-story dungeons has potential. Kinda like the raid bosses, except entire areas (albeit small ones) leading up to a boss or a loot chest that has high odds at better gear. I think having multiple different “dungeons” would be cool. One where it’s a large number of weaker enemies, one with more variety, one with a couple big baddies and a few weaker ones that serve as SW fodder…

IDK. Ultimately, I just want something that rewards people for playing more without punishing people who don’t play too much.

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I love raid bosses, so I hope we get more. BL2 has ten, and more than a few are difficult and complex. Give us more raid bosses!

Aside from that, I also really enjoy mobbing. Murderlin’s Temple is my favourite area for this, and I like the environmental hazards as they force you to do more than just shoot. Navigating around waves of badasses while avoiding pitfalls is a lot of fun, but I wish it weren’t so contained. Hazardous dungeons with tough enemies would be a lot of fun, and challenging. I want more circles of slaughter, but a dungeon that can kill you filled with enemies that will kill you would be awesome.

I love the gauntlet run that is DigiPeak, we need more of those. Increasingly difficult areas that end with increasingly difficult bosses is something that we need a lot more of. Hell you could end the hardest gauntlet with a raid boss, or have one full of raid bosses! Rather than just fighting one at a time imagine having to fight several consecutively? That’d be excruciating, and I want it!

Basically I’m happy with the BL2 endgame, I just want more of what we already have, more and longer arenas and gauntlets that get progressively harder. And OP levels, bring back those or a mechanic like them.


This. I dont want to reset all my playthrough to redo only a few sidequests for specific gear.


I want “Event Spawns” for post game; events that trigger on a specific day or when prompted by GBX. Something like Cryo Gojira from The Pre-Sequel, but obviously more complex than just a recolor of a boss.
Like the old Pokemon Events where you needed some item to travel to some island to capture some event pokemon etc etc. Instead of Pokemon we’ll be battling Raid Bosses and gaining their special gear. Gear that will be special due to participating in the event and beating the Boss.

Also I know it’s part of the main game, but I really like Collect-A-Thon in games. So I want more of that type of stuff in the post game. I know there’s Claptrap’s Girlfriend pieces, Hammerlock’s hunt list, and Zer0’s kill-list to fill this want…but I want new, bigger, harder, items to collect in the post game.

Something less tedious and frustrating than raid bosses. I’m sick of huge bullet sponges with arena sized attacks that can one-shot you which also spawn bullet sponge adds in droves that can practically one shot you and hump your corpse for good measure. Masochists may find that fun, but it ain’t for me.

Similarly, I’m not interested in getting repeatedly groin-stomped by enemies that are ten levels higher than me.

I couldn’t disagree more. I hate the idea of an event being restrained to a specific day, as I can’t often drop everything to play. Why not make this kind of event available for anyone at their convenience? Win-win


As mentioned, the ability to replay any completed mission.
It would help with refarming unique gear massively.

Could have a prerequisite for this being you have to be max level and finished all main story missions or something.