What kind of Gameplay?

i saw the trailer and was following the Shipbreakers developing during the last year. i really like the look of the game, it has the kind of homeworld artdesign we all love so much.

now that DoK will be released in 1 month, i still dont know little about gameplay. how do this game feel like?

  • can i build a real base ? is the base a sandcrawler type aka carrier as we saw in the trailer ? can i upgrade etc ?
  • how many unit types will be there, is it something with squad management or more like building a big army?
  • how big is a map ? what about the strategic view ?
  • how big is the gameplay? the scale of a supreme commander ? or more like C&C / StarCraft 2?
  • what are the plans for multiplayer ? will it also be released as a “beta” multiplayer part ?
  • the single player part, 13 missions, how long do it take to finish the campaign ? something like homeworld?
  • how is the bullet system working? simulated or RNG bullets ?

hope some of the developers or marketing people can give some more informations

Let’s hope they can say something! But BBI might not be on the GBX forums…

I wonder why they are hiding this game, not a single gameplay video so far, no press build for gaming sites, nothing…

I Know! :frowning:

We’re working on a bunch more stuff with the crew over at Blackbird. Just hang in there :slight_smile:


I dont work for gearbox but ill try and help you with your questions. but first ill ask, where did you hear that the game only has 13 missions? seems a bit low considering homeworld 1 had 16 homeworld 2 had 15 and homeworld cataclysm had 17

but for your questions…
1 . We see a couple fairly large ground bases in game, though i dont think you can build them as it goes against the ‘mobile bases’ aspect of the classic homeworlds

theres also the fact that Kharak is a very dangerous planet, any structure you built could be liable to being reclaimed by the desert. There was a snippet of lore that came with the original game that mentioned a city being reclaimed by the desert in hours/days due to its protective walls being destroyed. This would make building permanent structures quite dangerous

though i would absolutely love if we could build static buildings and bases like in other more conventional RTS games [CnC, Starcraft, Sup Com, Act of War ect ect…]

Heres two screenshots for what i think might be the same base, likely a large military outpost. The buildings are clearly capable of constructing and or tending to fairly sizeable vehicles since they have two “Destroyers” docked inside.

Heres another screenshot of a place i believe is called ‘the boneyard’ [and is the first mission of the game perhaps] this has a sizeable ‘shipyard’ in it which would be interesting i you could build.


2 . There looks like a fair veriaty of units for the two factions. as for squadrons it seems like all units come by themselves and not in squadrons. I’m basing that theory on the below picture of the strategic screen which shows a number of cars with there own icons and no indication of them being in a squadron of some kind

[showing a bunch of small units with their own icons suggesting that they are built and controlled alone]

there is also an image of a small aircraft landed ontop of a baserunner further suggesting that units are built alone.

3 . The maps look pretty big and heres a picture of the strategic view

d https://i.imgur.com/PnD6fHI.jpg

4 . The scale of the game seems fairly average for conventional RTS’s, your unit cap also seems to change as the game goes on

Pic -

[ Heres a picture from what i believe is the first mission, it shows a unit cap of 50, this is quite low but i do believe it will be expanded as the game goes on some how and this is some what supported by the pic below]

Pic -


[ This picture shows us having a unit cap of 100. This suggests that the Unit cap will increase as we go on throughout the campaign. I imagine that the game will include some sort of supply upgrade or vehicle like those that were in Homeworld Cataclysm which will allow us to increase our population ]

As for my own gameplay questions i have

  1. Do we have a shipyard equivalent? Like sure we have small ‘destroyer’ sized production ships and the aircraft carriers but do we get larger shipyard esque production units or not?

  2. Do hero units have better stats than the ‘regular’ version of their units like Captain Soban?

  3. From the images given to us we know ‘Salvagers’ can reactivate units, does this mean we will be able to activate some mothballed/damaged units on the battlefield? [like an anctient hiigaran or taiidan land cruiser or something]

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Anyway, what are the BBI offices like? :wink:

I actually haven’t personally been out there.

But you can ask them over at http://forums.blackbirdinteractive.com/… maybe they’ll share some pics!


Didnt even know they had a forum, thanks for the link :slight_smile:

They should use Discourse… :wink:

Is it moddable?


Here’s a message on modding from over on the BBI forums:

[quote]Stoked that this is one of the first questions to come up! We are in support of modders and people experimenting with our game to make it their own. We believe this is better for the community and better for us - full stop. Many of our developers (Myself included) got their starts in mod communities.

We won’t be putting up any legal or code based blocks for modding. We will, however, attempt to protect the game if a mod infringes on the integrity of our game. An exhaustive list of what this means is largely impossible due to the nature of modding - but we don’t want players sporting map hacks in games where other players don’t have the same content - for example.

We can offer more details on this, guidance on how our game is structured and additional engineering insights, as we get closer to release![/quote]

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That sounds promising!

Ballistics or RNG? This is all I wish to know before buying, thanks.

hi there,

13 missions is the info, written in different online-magazines articles.

and size of the blue minimap:

in the trailer, it looks like a “world” minimap, something like C&C - so cutscenes like. the minimap according to the map looked like normal size, but then im not sure if this minimalistic minimap (which was perfect for homeworld) is the right stuff for a 2d- dessert map, maybe its just for the homeworld optics and the right “feel”?

The only thing, that can make this game unique and different from other ground-based RTS - it’s a free map (the whole available planet for player, completely!) I think, if it is not implemented, then it’s a big omission for this game…
I would also like to see running out of fuel and refueling units

If this was the case then games would quickly morph into RPG style gameplay and games would never end

Lol its mickey, the game is not even out and he is complaining again lol

And you just watch for me;) No, I’m not complaining, I think the this game will is not bad. However, personally, I’m tired of the limitations of standard RTS games. Every year out thousands of games that do not differ in their limited gameplay.
All ground RTS always and always are limited in the size of the own maps. Developers of games for a long time it is time to make the strategy in which, will be available to the all planet as map. Like As we can see in the google map.That’s when a new game could be set aside on the background of the standard RTS games!