What kind of Skins and Heads would you like to see?

I just wanted to toss out a sound board for any ideas you might have envisioned for our latest crew of Bandit Squishing Vault Hunters. Things that look good for a night out in the streets of the war torn city of Meridian or slogging through the swamps on Eden 6 and doesn’t stain easily with bandit blood unless it adds to the feng shui of the outfit.

Personally, I think our man Flynt needs a well tailored BlackTuxedo and a slicked back hairstyle as he shows off his 00Zane outfit.

With Amara I’m getting a Peach colored ball gown, Blonde hair and a tiara maybe even with some 8 bit accents as she wears the Princess Pain outfit.

Fl4K has been a bit tougher but I don’t think that a full on Loader Bot skin would be much of a stretch to pull off for the AI Companion set.

Last but not least we have Moze. Underneath that Titanium exterior could possibly exist a softer yet equally deadly side. A smooth red evening gown and red flowing hair could really bring that out as part of the Mrs. Rabbit set complete with red overalls, rabbit ears and a polka dot bow tie for Iron Bear.

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LOVE this topic! :sunglasses:

For Zane, let’s expand on your idea! Along with a basic black suit, he also needs a BALD head and gloves on his hands, for that Modern Assassin look…

I also want Zane to have a masked head and a skin with a black, blue, and orange color scheme, 'cuz reasons…

His normal head works for the Unmasked version. They’ve already given me this with Wilhelm in The Pre-Sequel, but I want Zane to be able to basically be Deathstroke Jr./Deathstroke 2! :wink::+1:

As for FL4K, I’d love a head and skin based on a certain assassin droid that loved shooting “meatbags”!


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Good Stuff.