What kind of steroid-infused, growth serum did you give those Sentries Gearbox?

I’m playing in Monuments, and the team is in the lane pushing the sentry (where he has a clear line of sight). I poke my head out just ever so slightly past the steps on the side of the barricade separating both first camps. Headshot. 823 damage to the face. Not even my body was visible. Jeezus.


Happens to me all the time.

Doesn’t matter how many thralls/minions/elite bots/allies are on the sentry, if I pop my head out anywhere near the sentry you best believe he’s shooting it, twice.

Yet the other team waltzes around my sentry like they’re old war buddies catching up.


The monuments sentry attacks way more often then Overgrowth’s or Echelons.

If you are in lane with a tank you can expect 2-5 tower shots.

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I heard that the Monuments Sentries are actually different / better tracking, etc than the Echelon or Ovegrowth ones?

If that makes sense…

I’ll agree w/ the Sentry fiend comments. I have that warning on me even if I B it back to base. He’s just waiting for me…

Had a glorious death by him today (w/ help from their team).

Rail to the face, miko spore stun, follow up a Melka. Instagib.

I’ve had 1,000+ damage done to me by a sentry in less than 2 seconds. ■■■■ is INSANE

Has anyone noticed the white/blue tracer line coming out of the sentry? Never saw it before Monuments…strange.

It’s the main reason I don’t like playing on monuments. Not a fan of complete stalemates that it creates, and every time I go near the sentry I lose half my health.

That’s why go near it with minions or use ranged characters.

I can solo the sentry with a lvl 2 OM or lvl 4 marquis with all the side doors.
The increased tracking is the prohibit the above, but yet not really doing the job well due to terrain.

I am not sure about ALL the complains above of the sentry being too good,
BUT a few questions:

  1. Are there any minions near you when you are in LOS (line of sight) of the sentry?
  2. Are you attacking a enemy battleborn within LOS of sentry?

If 1) is no, then DUH you’ll get hit. The recent big patch improved sentry tracking across all maps. Monuments is easy with all the straight lines hence you’ll get hit by the sentry more often. Also maybe monuments does have better tracking. Proving my above point that the better tracking sort of makes the range it down strategy at least slightly less viable.

If 2) is yes, then the sentry will immediately aim and attack you first regardless of minions. I’ve seen this happen in all maps often. It’s probably a protection thing. I mean a fat sentry with a big ass gun is protecting a particular area. It doesn’t want its own protectors to die now does it?

Lastly if you sentry dive and then come here to complain that the sentry killed you… did you know sentry diving requires you to

  1. Set up the entry so there’s walls to protect from fire.
  2. Engage the dive in a safe manner
  3. Get out asap once the deed (kill someone low in health usually) is done
  4. Get a healer on you asap if at half health or less.

There ARE “rules” for sentry diving. Don’t expect to dive and get out alive as you always do in overgrowth before patch. Now sentrys actually do their goddamn job of hitting battleborn and not just walk around aimlessly and expect to be killed.

3 people bum rushed me in my sentry area at level 3. They all lived and killed the sentry.