What kind of VH would you like as DLC?

I’d personally like either a Goliath (they’ve shown through NPCs in 2 and 3 that they can be more than mindless brutes), or something non-humanoid (we had claptrap before, why not an intelligent animal like a Saurian or Jabber? NPCs in 3 have displayed this).


They discussed on the Borderlands Show that they won’t be doing new characters, but might do new skill trees instead, if that’s any consolation.

They already got a lot of hate and lost plenty of ppl due to lack of understanding of what ppl want, i know they already said that but maybe they change their minds, to be real, this game’s longevity is not looking good at all, they need to improvise and adapt (and overcome :open_mouth: hahahah) or they wont sell much after the initial hit.

I was fine with the fact that they said new trees would appear someday, but so far they cant manage the existing ones very well, i think new characters are the best bet to increase the game’s popularity and stop the migration.


I would like for a NOG to be a character, maybe able to control multiple little drones as part of its action skill. There could be a lot of interesting skills and perks it could have, and it would be weak to corrosion instead of fire. Unfortunately, they are probably just adding new skill trees, which I hate the idea of. New characters make the game more interesting and adjust your playstyle. Skill trees, not so much.


even so i wish theyd change their mind. new VH are gonna make me play more than new trees


i’d love a flying VH with either a jetpack or wings.
maybe even one with the ability to consume creatures and enemies for health and buffs or powers.
or even bringing back loader bot from the tell tale series.
moxie would be awesome too.
or my most wanted VH torgue


A T-Rex with attached Laser-Plasma Canons as AS, and that can eat others to heal.
But I guess they would need to enlarge the doors then. :crazy_face:

PS: To avoid enlarging all doors, it could also be made so that it grows to a T-Rex on AS and else is like the size of maurice.


What about like a parasite siren, sort of like tyreen. It doesnt have to be canon, but it would be able to take the powers from enemies and use it for their own. This would not work for bosses or anointed enemies.


how would it climb and vault and slide? sounds funky but id be game

honestly we already have 2 of them being our enemy having another would feel derivative imo

What about a melee and stealth character. He could sneak around, perform back stabs, and dash around and double jump.

thats pretty much zero tho. and fl4k has stealth too. i rather more unique and not used ideas. mine arent perfect either but something i havent used b4 in any games.

Thats true. What about the NOG idea.

Or why not an exotic Plant-Mushroom based VH, that can debuff/damage/control enemies with his spore-clouds and spreading seeds that then grow vines to hold enemies and/or also carpet bombs whole areas with the fruits growing on them as AS etc.


I’ve always wanted to play as Moxxi, although my idea for her is literally Jack and Nisha combined (although instead of 2 pistols its 2 smgs)… She more than likely would be a liiil too op lmao.

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I love that idea. What if it would be like the spore clouds in the borderlands 2 commander Lilith dlc, and standing in the spores would cause you to deal more damage, and maybe heal you later down the tree. He could have a tree about making himself more powerful by absorbing spores, and maybe he could sacrifice fire resistance for damage.


That seems like out of the Fight for Sanctuary!

Since we are kicking things around here,…

Mine would be a Guardian Class, HP would be armor and doesn’t walk but hovers. Gets slight bonus to speed and sliding is a speedy strafe mechanic. Lowered jump mechanic to keep on par with the hover and same reach as other VH’s. Melee and elemental damage boosts with a Mod that increases dmg with speed. Oh wait,…


The Fight for Sanctuary is the only DLC I didn’t play yet, but as I know there is no such VH there, or is there? Also as that idea came up in my mind’s eye I saw a VH with tendrils as legs and arms and a mushroom head. I guess I got inspired by the strange flora & fauna on Nekrotafeyo. :grin:

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Well, if they do the new skill trees to be as specialized as they are now, then each VH could be played as if they’re a completely new character. I’m just trying to be optimistic here, I know the idea isn’t very well liked by some of the hardcore fans.


I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.

Some kind of Witch Doctor, give us an AS where you make a voodoo doll of one enemy. Tree upgrades add more dolls and eventually add Badass and Anointed to targeting at a reduced duration.
Give the voodoo capstone the ability to just execute a Badass or lower enemy that is a doll (consuming some stack), by turning a gun on the doll, so when you scale it up the target explodes. (so if the doll is 1/10th scale but the bullet is normal sized the target feels as though a bullet 10 times larger hit it in the face)

Or perhaps someone who is addicted to gunpowder, namely the smell of Jakobs gunpowder, who gains a lot of benefits to kinetic damage. But suffers a penalty with Elemental when you heavily invest in NE booster skills (remove kinetic penalty vs armour, increased raw NE damage, chance for NE kill shots to ricochet) and add the ability to throw “powder horns” (in Ash, Yew, Oak, Beech, Mahogany) with slight different effects depending on the wood augment.

Since we know they aren’t happening (as of now, they may change their minds) we can always go wild with ideas.
And yes, the second one is more or less a Powder Mage but as a Jakobs retained employee.


That Voodoo Doll idea now reminds me of ‘Blood’ that game from 1997, I still hear his “I’m back again…” as he crawls out of his coffin. :grin:

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