What kind of VH would you like as DLC?

Now, now.

This is a purely hypothetical thread. Let’s not get start with conflict and comments about other users.

And this is preemptive. Rather than deal with the after effects.

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No worries, I was mostly speaking in jest.

All I meant was this is just a fun hypothetical thread; I don’t see any reason to bring in complaints about the game when that’s not even what the thread’s about.

@pjwrox @Tokesy97

Not trying to be mean either, but “nothing” is a valid answer to “what would you like?”

Making the environment function properly before adding more things to it is a valid defense as to why.


I want to be BALEX.


BALEX yasssssss

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There’s valid threads for the complaints, that’s the only point I was aiming to make.

This thread is much like the hypothetical “design your own legendary” or “design your own Vault Hunters” for Borderlands 1, 2 and TPS. A fun, wacky, thread for crazy ideas that’s unlikely to ever come to pass.

Links incoming.


agent dee! turn into a goliath, charm enemies, other shapeshifting stuff. the possibilities are endless!

I would love to see a character similar to Pharah from overwatch meaning, jetpack and action skill to missile barrage the area. Of course, this is problematic on many levels(and actual map levels) but one can dream.

Other would be a engineer tink (tink tinkeerer err?) Like zane, heavy use of gadgets but unlike zane these are more stationary and scrappy.

Third would be a pure melee with shield, like athena.

I also love that some of the VHs used to be affiliated with some manufactors, moze for example used to be a vladof soldier, athena were a atlas soldier etc so if they introduced more VHs i’d love if they had connections to other manufactors like tediore, torgue, jakobs etc.

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Bring back the vault hunters from 2 that aren’t dead and make them playable.

i would be okay with returning VHs. they’re great and would be interesting to see them in action with the updated skill system and a couple of reworked skills / removed fillers.

Funny, I just finished a book that used that exact idea about gunpowder.
You ever read the ‘Powder Mage’ series by Brian McClellan?

Oh, you have. My bad for not reading further.

Man that was a good book. Gonna buy the other two entries first thing when I get back to Australia.

At the moment…

Gaige to return as a playable VH with an overhauled new version of Deathtrap that stays out full time like FL4K’s pets and executes special attacks and maneuvers based on which action skill and augments are equipped.


Sung to the tune of “I want my MTV”:

I want my K-r-i-e-g
…back, I want Krieg back, still my all time fav!


My go-to suggestion for this oft-raised question:

A tink paladin. Each of his skill trees would offer a variant mount. I would give him a nutty Quixotic aesthetic.


I just want them to fix the existing ones, We have 4 awesome vault hunters.

I like the idea of taking base game enemies like nogs, tinks, Goliaths etc. and making them playable characters. And in that spirit, it would be cool to have a self aware guardian character like the watcher for example. I know moze has deathless SOR which basically makes her an all shield type lol, but it’d be cool to have alternative health bars like armor to go with some trees or something.


phew im glad ty!

oh that didnt bug me as much as only having one pet out at a time. i was so pumped to micromanage 4 pets at once doing crazy teleports with rift and having them focus the best target for each pet all while shooting and avoiding damage at once. whats worse is i can only pet and love one at a time T__T

wouldnt remote control leave you vulnerable?
the riding stream sounds cool tho.

yah i agree. every one of the 4 in bl3 have at least 1 (usually 2) rehashed abilities. moze is by far the most unique tho

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I have a notebook of VH ideas from a year or so ago. After playing all the borderlands games and waiting for the release of BL3, it was fun to speculate and dream up future skill trees and AS. Like full blown, Excel spreadsheet Skill Trees complete with Red, Green and Blue background. Kinda Nerdy but man, it was fun. I had 4 specific VH’s in mind, complete with names and backstories. Dexe was an out of work Hyperion R&D scientist that had an Action Skill called Digi Hack, that deployed 4 floating Digi Spheres that allowed him to reel havoc with the “Digi” system, debuffing and confusing enemies and buffing himself and teammates that got more intricate and specific depending on which tree you went down and what gamechangers you chose (and this was before Action Skill augments, so now it would totally revamp how the trees are done).
Bower was my melee centric character. Blood soaked mayhem was his action skill that allowed him to put away his guns and digistruct a crimson glaive for a limited amount of time. Different attacks could be assigned to different buttons since he could not fire weapons during the duration. Massive increases to melee damage, melee range, damage reduction and health regeneration ( mainly because of the weakness of Buzz Axe Rampage late game in BL2, I tried to find a balance that was worth putting away guns for a short time and still be just as deadly).
Cali was my siren and she had Phase Swarm for an AS. I modeled her after HP Lovecraft type of lore, so all of her skills, abilities and effects reflect those type of stories. Phase Swarm would open a portal to another dimension that poured out swarms of otherworldly locusts to distract, debuff and apply status effects, would pull in enemies to outright kill, would unleash black slimy tentacles to grasp and rip apart trash mobs. She was very fun to make, lol.
And then Sam, my turret class. Like Roland, Axton and Wilhelm before her, she had a turret but not just any turret but a Clap…Trap…Turret?? Yes, her very own Claptrap that served as her mobile turret unit she could deploy as her AS. Her trees revolved around different things the Clap Trap could do, fly around for short periods of aerial destruction, stationary tank mode that could fire rockets and a medic trap that buffed and healed your team as well as regen ammo and shields.
Man, it’s so fun to make this stuff, but once I did and I went all out and finalized it, it sat on my desk top until I just now opened it and read all the skills and abilities I made over a year ago. Lol


I feel like the point would be that it would leave you vulnerable, allowing you to be a less tanky long range vault hunter. You would get into a safe spot and then use the remote control feature. Maybe you could have the ability to remote control a nanobot shield that could move around your character protecting it while shooting lasers.

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