What kind of VH would you like as DLC?

It’s actually influenced by a part of either Crimson Campaign or Autumn Republic where Ka-poel gets Taniel to shoot a voodoo doll with a rifle, the soldier is turned to red mist, and the normally mute Ka-poel laughs

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The problem with that is that players are always going to pick the most powerful and most fun builds, and ignore new trees. With new vault hunters, every tree is different so the builds are completely different. Very little players will want to pick the same character again, even if it supposedly has more replayability.

Hopefully the new skill trees will be just as game changing as the current ones, or more so then. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s just some perks beyond the skill trees though.

So you agree new trees could be difficult but expect them to come up with new characters and 3 new trees for each?

I’d like more VHs but it doesn’t seem necessarily needed or likely at this point. I feel like their time and effort would be better spent fixing current issues and trees befor dropping new ones.

oh i missed that one.

reminds me of wilheilm and zane has a drone already too. those drones would have to be vastly different even more so than the current NOG’s. currently the nog only really protects and can reflect damage. the later of which reminds me athena.

sorry im being so picky im still salty more than half of the skills VH have are just rehashes already stealth, clone, rakk, grasp, etc


Youre fine. I got excited when I heard about fl4k, and then got disappointed when I saw his fade away action skill. Instead of focusing on giving characters multiple rehashed action skills they should have given each one 2 original ones for 6 vault hunters. My Nog could have tons of different things he could do with his bots, like being able to go into a safe spot and remote control a specific troop of mini nano bots or being able to ride on a stream of nano bots.

I think it would be cool to have a medic/doctor character. A skill tree could be focused on health transfer, sort of as a more canon-compliant version of another parasitic siren.

Hell, we know there’s a Dr. Ted somewhere, make him a Vault Hunter. Different skills could be references to things Ned and Zed have done, since it was a running joke that they may or may not be the same person.

One of his action skills could be reviving the dead for a short time; melee only minions with decent damage and low health that you can improve down the tree.


I liked your gunpowder idea, but I feel as if the witch doctor needs some work. Wouldnt it just be easier to just kill the enemy outright? What if he could make like potions and status effect boosts, and his voodoo dolls could serve to debuff entire groups of enemies. What if he could place a straw doll on the floor, kill enemies next to the doll to fill it with blood magic, and then activate it to spawn an extremely powerful minion that would destroy until it died. Just some other ideas.

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Because the doll would suffer additional damage, I just forgot to type it in the first bit, my bad.

Obviously it would have more quirks to it, and this is just one of the three AS options, I’m not as sure on the others but the Voodoo aspect is one I’d love to see.

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I do not want DLC at all anymore until the base state of the game is improved.

I’m ready to be disappointed in myself when I buy DLC 1 because of an unfounded hopefulness/lack of self control and disappoint myself further.

Well aren’t you fun at parties.


I am, because I don’t actively nerf the other party participants or withold fun from them.

I am creative and generous.

Now, now.

This is a purely hypothetical thread. Let’s not get start with conflict and comments about other users.

And this is preemptive. Rather than deal with the after effects.

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No worries, I was mostly speaking in jest.

All I meant was this is just a fun hypothetical thread; I don’t see any reason to bring in complaints about the game when that’s not even what the thread’s about.

@pjwrox @Tokesy97

Not trying to be mean either, but “nothing” is a valid answer to “what would you like?”

Making the environment function properly before adding more things to it is a valid defense as to why.


I want to be BALEX.


BALEX yasssssss

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There’s valid threads for the complaints, that’s the only point I was aiming to make.

This thread is much like the hypothetical “design your own legendary” or “design your own Vault Hunters” for Borderlands 1, 2 and TPS. A fun, wacky, thread for crazy ideas that’s unlikely to ever come to pass.

Links incoming.


agent dee! turn into a goliath, charm enemies, other shapeshifting stuff. the possibilities are endless!