What kind of videos would you want to see on Battleborn?

I’m looking to hopefully do several YouTube videos on Battleborn. What I was wondering is what kind of content would people be interested in seeing?

-Live Streams with Commentary and Fans

-Character Breakdowns and Strategies

-Map and Mode Breakdowns and Strategies

-Let’s Play style Game Videos

-Music Video Style Killstreak Videos

I want to get a feel for how this community and what would provide the best content, I plan to do some of each of these things but will try to focus on the ones people identify with most. I don’t have a lot of subscribers and even less feedback on my content so any advice as far as what would help me make good content would be appreciated.

I plan on doing a Launch Livestream Marathon for as long as I can play/stay awake lol

Destructive wins, quick 100-0 Incursion games or 500-<100 Meltdowns. Teamwork over personal performances, kills are impressive but high kills in loging games are redundant.


Those are definitely the hope, I need some of my friends to pick-up Battleborn when they realize how awesome it is and we can get some team vids in. We use to roll people in Dota 2.

I had the solo wreckage on a Meltdown game during the open beta 500 - 85 or something, wish I had recorded it

-Don’t miss anything

. . .Videos for people just walking into the game, pan around and show what they might miss at first.

Like how story missions have little secret doors with loot. Per mission tutorial kinda thing. I like that idea

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I didn’t record mine, but I did take a screen-shot -

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just what I need to improve my own gameplay. not much into watching other people play when instead I can play myself


How about a series of videos based on random builds. Just something where you flip a coin every level up, and see how good (or bad) those builds turn out.

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First, just wondering, shouldn’t this be in Fan Creation? -shrug-
Second, I’m in a similar boat, and I’m thinking on prioritizing streams (short ish) with a focus on one character each stream.

I really like @salsacookies1 's idea, though.

I’m trying to figure out a good way to go through each story mission… Just post 1-8 in order, maybe?

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Definitely the character breakdowns. Some things are unclear with some characters, and some things just don’t seem all that useful, it would be nice to see some explanation on the uses and even the simple functions of some of the helix perks.

Seems the best way to go through the missions. It bugs the OCD part of me when I am trying to watch a series and someone does the missions all out of order.

Lot’s of great suggestions. I like these Ideas :smiley:

-Random Build Fun Videos

-Breakdowns of each Story mission, in order with secrets

-How To Basics for different Characters, (I know I could have used it on a few)

-Character Streams with a focus on short vid, 1 - 2 games each.

Also @charlestmattson I didn’t even know that was a place in the forums haha, I’ll try to post my stuff in that section from now on

@LoadingUsername as far as the Helix breakdown, you mean just each level, what each does or the overall feel of each side of the tree if you say spec all the way one way. Or maybe even the mutation helix for leveling a character up.

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Blowout games are boring. Give me a game where the lead shifts back and forth several times, that’s worth watching/playing.

When that happens I’ll definitely keep my eye on it when it happens to get a good recording. I feel if I did a blowout game video in the theme of what @Slif_One said, Teamwork and Objective play it’ll help people understand that getting kills isn’t everything, though it is fun to chase down people and kill them, you do that in Meltdown to me it’s probably because I’m baiting you away from the minions so they can score on yo butt

I found a picture of my rampage playing the objective AND killing people:

I’d like to see Character Progression videos where you show how each character operates at the beginning of a PVP, at level 5 and at level 10. For instance pre-gear and leveling up Attikus has to be much more cautious than he does at 5 or 10 with gear. I guess to illustrate how each one ends up wrecking in their own way.

@BigGunsNeverTire replied to me with a video they made showing Attikus attack speed normally versus amped up and it made me think of this.

I see, I like Galilea and her early game has to be very reserved. I need to level ASAP to get all her healing helix upgrades to be unstoppable. Do a video explaining this ramp up and what skills compliment others could be very interesting and informative.

I jumped into Attikus on beta and got destroyed, example of going in blind being bad news lol.

I always played a character solo on story or a solo private incursion/meltdown before playing in public mp, to have at least a basic idea how they played.

Mutations and just what each does would be great. Sometimes the description is unclear or it is hard to tell that it is having any effect whatsoever. An in depth-ish explanation from another player would be more than helpful.

Team combos. I don’t mean team compositions like Ambra/Ghalt/Benedict/Rath/Miko, I mean combo in the fighting game sense. So something like

Ghalt chain pull into trap, Ghalt primary fire, Galilea Desecrate, trap stun ends, Galilea shield throw, Galilea + Ghalt primary fire -> death