What kinds of load out items do you suggest for Toby?

Please and thanks just started using him and was hoping for some load out advice

Probably boring, but I just stack Attack damage and crit damage boosting items on him.

I don’t find any value from movement speed increase bonuses due to him having booster thrusts to use for escaping.

I don’t value skill damage because I’m practically never going to use his ult in its current state nor do I use his Arc Mines for damage.

Increased health or shields or regeneration effects for either of those are a maybe. But I personally play Toby as a sniper that stays out of reach of most characters while hiding behind my barrier, so I don’t value the extra survival stats, including damage reduction.

Crowd Control reduction bonuses have their place. Its nice being able to get out of a stun or slow more quickly.

Attack speed I’m unsure even really benefits toby that much, so I haven’t really valued that either.

Shield penetration I find to be rather weak because you need a large amount of it to be useful, otherwise you’ll chew through shields before getting any proper use out of it. Also Eldrid exist, which means shield pen entirely worthless since they lack shields.

So yeah, basically I just use process of elimination and stack attack/crit damage to further enhance my Railgun.

I wonder if it’s possible to increase his shield’s health with gear?

My best guess (Seeing as I’ve yet to even unlock the little bugger) is to go with all the damage. Damages and health. Or shields. Whatever suits your fancy. Personally, I’d just build him as a tanky sniper, because of his later level skills. Seeing through and piercing terrain? I’m okay with this.

There is gear that adds additional shield capacity, but they means you’re planning on needing it.

I personally don’t plan to die as Toby nor due I require safety nets for it. At the first sign of trouble, I use his boosters to escape before I can be put into a position where I’m at risk of death. Though I guess that mind set requires you to have experience in the game and understanding on situations like that.

Not his actual personal shield, but his skill that throws that big one in front of you, to stop Marquis from two-shotting it 5 minutes in the game.

That might be effected by skill damage gear but I’d have to test it to be sure.

His forcefield/barrier? I don’t believe there is any way of buffing that outside of the Rooms for Mistakes helix upgrade. I very much doubt that skill damage has any affect on it and would be on the side of labeling such an interaction as a bug if it did work.

I’m tempted to believe that it would work, just because of the way skill effect scaling works in mobas (heals and damage scale off of the same stat), but this isn’t exactly a moba so I don’t know. It is also notable that the shield’s health is in green in the tooltip and not red like most skill numbers, so maybe that means it isn’t affected.

Edit: this post mostly revolves around Incursion

I’ve been using;

·Discounting Wealth Redistributor (+2.03 bonus SPS, -13.56% BC) 1016 AC

·Stout Ekkuni Wristguard (+9.22% attack damage, +198 max health after surviving for 180 sec) 671 AC

·Gambler’s Greyhound (-7.00% cooldown time, -4.20% cdt while all skills on cooldown) 924 AC

Shard collector with minus build cost since I won’t be picking up as many shards from moving around and help build things in a pinch

More damage because damage and a slight health boost for sticky situations so as to increase chance of surviving

Cooldown reduction for more AoE mine territory control especially with slowing mines with increased range AND if shield goes down helps to get another back. (Use ult sparingly on top of mines to quickly mop up minions and possibly catch players as well)

IMO best toby loadout would be something like, attack damage with more attack damage on crit, crit with more AD or crit on crit, and shield pen 3rd(something like 20% with 10% extra once activating a skill or something).

Then, and here’s the kicker, don’t use them. Toby gets much stronger with levels past lvl 4 to lvl 8 than he could ever get with some smaller % buffs, the key to him is to level up as fast as you can because most games are decided by lvl 4 and over by lvl 7. Once you’ve hit lvl 8 go ahead and cash in on his stuff to help increase his damage, the shield pen mod is only there to counter galil/umbra combo or peck kleese to death, if those characters are in the game get that first then keep buying buildables.