What legendary weapon do you consider to be "useless" or "pointless"

For me it’s the Vladof “Damned” Assault Rifle. It isn’t bad by any means but as far as I know, the only thing setting it apart from a regular higher rarity Vladof AR is the shield attachment.

lob it definitely comes with wrong dmg numbers just like protuberences without special mag attachment


Malak’s bane


Pretty much every non-Lyuda legendary sniper rifle.

I say “pretty much” because while I don’t use the Monocle myself, I know others make good use of it, especially now that the overkill GR perk is back. But the rest – Woodblocker, ASMD, Krakatoa, Malak’s Bane, etc. – are the epitome of uselessness.


The ASMD sniper rifle. Seeing one drop is just a little more depressing than seeing a woodblocker drop. Seeing an orange anointed on the floor only to find out it’s an ASMD is, well it’s s&$@.


I think people have snipers covered. Loads of blues and purples are better…

Of the ones I’ve used: I think these are sub par:


The Bitch
Destructo Spinner
Ripper (maybe better for Melee builds)


Devil’s Foursome
Kings and Queen call - fire rate too low.
Infinity - not really useful after M3 if you have some way to get ammo.


The Lob

Also don’t like the Flakker - too imprecise (although some do)

Several I have not tried yet.

The rest I have tried are average for legendaries, with some clear winners…


Wouldn’t it be easier to list the ones that aren’t useless or pointless :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The kill o the wisp is okay at removing shields from close knit mobs but that’s it.

The try bolt is the worst legendary in game.


Tk’s Wave/Tidal Wave.

This gun was garbage on Borderlands 1, it was garbage on Borderlands 2 and it’s still garbage on Borderlands 3.


There are too many and it’s easier to list ones that arent trash lol

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No way - that info should not be shared anywhere. Too many quickdraw Nerfers about…


I gave that weapon multiple chances. It’s garbage.

dude flakker is amazing, you still have to aim with it though or you won’t hit your target. love using it during fade away, while group’s can be wiped in just a few shots.

The new DLC sniper Autoaime puts out pretty good numbers, harder to hit crits with it though, but it still isn’t as useful as the Lyuda.

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I honestly don’t think the extra damage from the melee procs on the ripper. I tried several times to see how much more damage it does after a melee while playing and I didn’t see any increase. if it worked as intended it might be pretty good.

Ngl I’m a bit tired of the Lyuda being at the top for legendary sniper rifles, I know there’s always going to be that one “standout” weapon, but imho Lyuda stands out too much performance-wise when compared to other unique and legendary snipers. No other legendaries can exactly compete (except for maybe the Monocle and Crossbow. And even then they are a bit difficult to use/have a learning curve.)


I’m going to add in the vanquisher? it’s the smg that doubles its fire rate while sliding. probably the most useless gun because unless I’m sliding directly at my target I cant hit anything. then if you do slide directly into your target you get melted before you deal enough damage to get the kill. worthless weapon on anything above tvhm. maybe Zane users have a use for it? don’t have a Zane yet so I have no clue.

I hate that gun sooooooooo much. Just had one drop for me late last week or earlier this week from the rampager.


Ngl I always had trouble using it, but then again sometimes I just suck with certain guns. If I obtain a level 50 one I may give it another chance.

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