What legendary weapon do you consider to be "useless" or "pointless"

it doesn’t exist. superball only spawns as fire. with it being a supermario reference of his use of the fire flower, I think they’re thinking of a different gun

yes, yes I have; took a fire heatwave shot gun to graveward and with the spread it did pretty good on his crit spots. just the wave style takes some adjusting.

Of course they are. There are S tier weapons and those are good on basically anything. Maggie, Lyuda, Dictator are a couple example. Then there is a whole bunch of good weapons that take certain builds to be great, or even playstyles. But this topic isn’t asking which guns are S tier. It’s asking about ‘useless’ and ‘pointless’ and my argument for the weapons I mentioned was that they don’t fall into either of those categories.

Sadly I do not remember. It was either during the campaign or in Proving Grounds. I put it in my vault to check out later. Don’t even remember when I got it.
I do like it though. Great against shields and does good shock damage to flesh.

I can honestly say it does in Shock. My PS4 is not tied to anything for pictures, but I will try to get a pic of it for you. Might take me a while. I have zero reason to lie about this.
I will post the exact name when I check it tonight.

Superball comes in fire only

Superball F Baron Noggin Crew Challenge Meridian Metroplex Fire balls that bounce along the ground Flower power.

Maybe you are thinking of the Thunderball Fists.

Lucian’s Call works great with a Zane and Brain Freeze.
Once they freeze, you have an unlimited run at their crit spot.

With my other characters it wasn’t quite so good, but FL4K made fair use of it as well, due to not always having to actually hit a crit spot.

I believe you are right. I stand corrected.
Will double check it tonight but Thunderball Fists sounds familiar.

this thread is just all matter of opinion, with it just being what legendary guns we individually consider useless or pointless. I mean everybody know what guns are great, but the ones that aren’t so great really do depend on play style and builds. personally I really hate the flakker and consider it to be very pointless to my play style, but there are plenty of people that love that gun.

yeah, the way you described it does sound about like how Thunderball Fist works, and ah man I love that gun. good AOE shield melting.

Thunderball fists is a good one. So is the superball against flesh. Just have to get the firing pattern down.

Back on topic I don’t recall the hyperfocus being mentioned. That thing is kinda crap.

I feel like they need a legendary gun called “Useless sword of Dyslexia” just so people try to solo the maliwan raid with it. For those that don’t know, killing Diablo on hell mode in Diablo 1 with said weapon was a thing back then people did for ■■■■■ and giggles. It wasn’t legendary and was probably the worst weapon you could find in the game since it had like -98% damage and nerfed your stats.

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For me, the Lyuda is the only sniper that is good. All of the other snipers in the game are pretty much useless.

I hate to sound cynical but 95% of the legendaries in BL3 are vendor trash items.

Gearbox promotes “over a billion guns” but fail to mention that only about 10 of those billion guns are worth using.

those guns are meant for base game…

Not entirely true. I think we can all agree that The Lob has no redeeming factors at all. There’s just never a situation where it’s a good weapon.


nailed it, way too many gimmicks that end up not even useable decent weps, never mind legendaries

when you think about it at least 60% of all the so-called legendaries are not used because there is definitely a core of Legendaries that work well, not op, just efficient.

On top of this at least 40% of the dam things are just gimmick guns, funny, odd, amusing but would you use them in M4 or on a raid ? if the answer is no it isn’t a Legendary :frowning:

Even the Star Helix isn’t that great. Dahl ARs need a dmg buff if they aren’t going to have interesting effects tied to them.

If their DPS didn’t suffer so hard in favor of their gimmicks they would all be top tier.

Breath of the Dying’s gimmick does TONS of damage but you must get the kill with the gun and the actual bullets don’t and Kaos would be fun if it wasn’t a suicide button which for some reason still does zdps to enemies.

You think Grant Kao would force the balance team to at least make his own gun good.

can’t speak to the lob myself haven’t used it once so personally idk. but the thread is “what legendary weapon do you consider to be useless or pointless” which is what i was referring to in that quote.

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Yes, it was Thunderball Fists.
Ironically, I pulled another one from one of the red chests after killing Pretty Boy last night. No anointments sadly but still a fun gun.

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