What legendary weapon do you consider to be "useless" or "pointless"

I have one that is additional effect chance crry while clone is out, great for spamming a quick freeze.

I hate that the Kaos does self damage because it is so so fun to use

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All of them are useless. Because if they are any good whatsoever, gearbox will nerf them until they suck as bad as every other weapon in this game.

Try-Bolt. I’m normally a big Torgue fan but that thing feels like a triple-barreled pea shooter.

The Lob. Another Torgue disappointment. :frowning: (Come on Flexington step up your game!) I like to lob Lobs off the nearest cliff.


There is a weirdly large number of guns that do self-damage in this game, I’m…not a fan of any of them.

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Great against Billy the Anointed

The Scourge is an amazing weapon

Hive is great for Zane and probably Moze with regen. :smiley:


Most of those are designed to work with elemental projector artifacts. I recently got a COV AR called Moar Power is Pain. It does start to burn you the longer you fire. Combined with a projector artifact that does +90% damage, I have been burning away enemies pretty consistently.
They do have uses when combined with other things.

I just got a Creeping Death shotgun and it seems AWFUL unless I have no idea how to use it. It was horrible for Zane

I was surprised how good the Monocle is. The raw damage numbers make it look weak, but if you hit a critical like it’s designed for, the incredible crit bonus is lethal. This rifle and the Lyuda are the only snipers I use. The rest seem pointless, especially on Mayhem 4.

The Ripper