What level should I start TVHM at?

Would it be worth it to farm the warrior to get to level 40 or should I just start TVHM now? I want to hit 50 before I take on the warrior again without having to do a lot of side missions.

I would jump right in.

I was reading up on it and the enemies will always scale to my level after 30? Like if I jumped in at 30 they would start out as 30s and progress but since I’m 38 now they would start off as 38?

Enemies will be low 30’s at the beginning, regardless of your level.

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Awesome thanks for the help man

Glad to help.

They only scale like that in UVHM. However, everything will be bumped up to 50 once you beat the Warrior. Before then, it’s a set scale so you might find yourself either ahead of or behind your enemies depending on where you are.