What level should I start UVHM with?

Hi all. Didn’t played Borderlands 2, after almost a year. I have an old Zer0 on OP3, I think.

Anyway, I started with Axton this time. I’m in TVHM right now and it’s been a pain on some areas. I was always 3-5 levels under on each main story mission, and those were all the missions I did. I was certain I was going to be stuck on Thousand Cuts.

Should I just finish available side quests to level up quicker and get some gear? The OCD mind of mine doesn’t want to,haha.(2.5 and stuff, but there’s UVHM anyway. >_>)

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You want to start as close to 50 as possible

this mainly, but to flesh it out a little, you also should have your Guns and Gear as close to your level or at your level as you can.
I also advise (if you have the DLC) going to Torgues C.o.C. DLC, and at least getting as far as 1 of his vending machines in UVHM, then dropping down into NVHM (very little XP gain) and farming the Bar Room Brawl for Torgue Tokens, then farm the torgue machines in UVHM for guns at your Level.
Also if you have some of the other DLC’s you may be able to Fast Travel to several and be able to equip yourself with some Guns/Gear at your Level in UVHM, before starting the main story line

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Thanks guys, for the tips. Never thought about NVHM for farming Torgue Tokens. I remember getting stuck with that Scavenger enemy at Flint’s place with Zer0 a long time ago, haha.

I tend to do all the side missions, so I started UVHM with all characters except Axton at about level 52- Axton was level 53 because I did the Tiny Tina dlc with him. I also fought Terramorphous before starting UVHM- I think most of the weapons he drops are level 50, no worse than level 48 at least…

In addition to farming tokens, just straight up farming Savage Lee for a Harold isn’t as bad since the drop rates were buffed x3. Easy farm and pretty much any version of a Harold is more than enough for mobbing through the main story. If you want a Kerbalster or Flakker though, tokens might be better since it’s such a long run to farm for the Kerblaster and the Flakker is tough to get because of the large loot pool its in.

Doing some level 50 quest reward missions like Heartbreaker, Pimpernel and Swordslposion is also recommendedable IMO. All easy to get, great guns that wreck. Sure I’m forgetting a couple as well.

I’ve gone into OP levels with 4 characters, and into UVHM with a 5th. My routine at this point is:

  • try to be around level 50 or 51 when I kill the Warrior in TVHM.
  • kill the warrior a few times before I hop into UVHM
  • work my way to Pyro Pete’s Bar in that DLC before anything else. While in the bar, pop back to TVHM to farm tokens. pop back to UVHM to get a Harold and a Bonus Package.
  • farm the red chests in Pyro Pete’s Bar until I have guns and shields that I like.
  • go into the Tiny Tina DLC, work my way to the Forest, farm up a Bee.
  • go into the main game, and make sure to pick up a Lascaux in Frostburn on the way.

Lascaux, Harold, other blue or purple guns, Bee, and a more tanky shield. Good to go!

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Weird, I tried the Bar Room Brawl sidequest on NVHM and tier 3 has lvl. 50 enemies. wtf, lol. I’m 44 and Thousand Cuts in TVHM is killing me with 1-2 shots from an enemy. My gear is around 42-44. Thanks guys for the tips. It’s been a long time since I played.

Oh, and that red chest farming on Pyro Pete’s Bar. I remember doing that before. Is it some kind of bug? I remember not being able to do it, once I started having Pyro Pete as a Raid Boss.

Not a bug, just not available as a direct go-to once you take the ‘Pete the Invincible’ mission. You can do it all day long otherwise.

snap, sorry about that, yes after Tier 2 all Bar Room Brawls start at level 50, I go to farm that all the time with my 53’s or higher, so keep forgetting that they are at that level.

Another way, if your good at racing, is to do the Race in the “Crater of Badassitude”, don’t have to worry about enemies or their levels, just complete the race.

or have someone come in on a higher toon and run the Bar Room brawl for you and collect the tokens that way

Finished TVHM after doing some sidequest without unique rewards for some exp. IDK why I was saying Thousand Cuts. It was actually Sawtooth Cauldron, haha.

Anyway, I noticed that I don’t have The Fridge on the fast travel station on both normal and true vault hunter modes on my Axton. I checked my other characters and they have it.

it may glitch that way sometimes or more often the player may not have passed close enough to it to activate it. Either way, just need to go to the Fridge and use the fast travel and the problem should be solved

I tried going to The Fridge. The fast travel seems to open up before activating, everytime I go in. Is this normal? I think fast travels are already in their “opened” state on visited areas. I tried using the fast travel at The Fridge, but it still won’t appear on the fast travel map.

yes , they will all open as you approach them<IMO, with the exception of the fast travel at the Happy Pig Hotel. And there are a couple one way fast travels (example the one in Bunkers Area)

yes, after you “Open” them the first time through then they are available for the rest of the game

I am going from memory on this as, either on this Board or the old one there was a thread where players had this same glitch. You may want to try joining someone else’s game, who’s just starting the mission that takes you through the fridge the first time, to see if that makes it show up. Or maybe someone that has more knowledge of this glitch will chip in or even try tech support here, http://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/c/borderlands-2/borderlands-2-xbox-360-tech-support