What level were you when you started playing multiplayer?

I mean… I’m level 26 and I still haven’t touched Multiplayer lol. I’ve been mainly playing solo story mode. Now that I’ve heard there are slightly more people on console than there is for PC, I thought I would just give it a shot.

Random question though, which level were you when you started playing multiplayer?

I didn’t try it until about lvl 40. I got the game mainly to play story mode with friends.

I was around 15-20. I wanted to get the majority of the characters and some gear that I could use. I still was about 75-25% PvE to PvP. Once I got around 30-35, I was about 90% PvP.

The longer you wait, the better off you’ll be, it’s a rough world out there in PvP. I started as soon as I finished the prologue, so whatever level that was, probably 2, but I did play 80 hours of beta so… Back then, you had to queue for a server (on the first day, anyway) so I only played PvE until more servers were opened.

For you though, this game has been out for a while and the good players are well established, good teams well represented, I’d recommend playing private versus against bots to get a basic understanding of the PvP aspect and learn the maps and modes. If you can beat the bots and you feel confident, then enter the crazy world of PvP.


Lvl 1, but I’ve been playing since Beta.
My suggestion, get at least 1 character to Lvl 12 so you have access to full mutations before diving in.

More importantly, play a few private matches against AI to get an understanding of the objectives.

Level 100. TBH I sucked at pvp when the game came out because I was stuck in that COD mentality. So I played story for a few months before I got good at pvp. It definitely helped me in the long run as I had an understanding of how all the characters and gear worked. Also played the beta, so there’s that.


Probably around level 40 or 50, after I beat the Heliophage (this was back when Saboteur was nearly impossible, so you’d understand why it took me so long to get to Heliophage).

I used to be abysmal at any PvP game other than Dark Souls, so I played story for a while before I was comfortable with PvP.

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Level 1 on all 3 platforms. :sunglasses:


When I completed all the missions I started to play pvp (basically the next day after release). But I played 30 hours pvp-only (overgrowth) in the beta, so I already did know what to expect ^^.

On and off until I beat all so try missions. Played beta though. Played both missions there then joined pvp. Got all haracters by level 28 and set off

I played with my friend, and we noticed while going through the story the first level had more bosses so we got like 5 missions in then grinded the first mission for credits/gear and everything, we were 30+ before even going into bot matches IIRC. that was on his xb though, my username ended up switching when i got my xb1 so I had to start over, so naturally i was low level in pvp on that one.

I started right away, but only stayed long enough to unlock Phoebe. I REALLY don’t like pvp games because of griefers and wannabe MLGers.
I went back around 80 or so just to do some lore, but wound up having some fun from time to time. Would play PVP more now if I had a team to run with.

What platform do you play on?

probably 25-30, I think i got one character to lvl 15 which helps a lot. I picked up the game pretty easy. I feel a lot of the skills I developed in TF2 really translate well into this game. looking back the only thing I was clueless about was how to efficiently play the maps and game modes.

Well level one, my year of smite prepared me for the asymmetry and TTK, plus I’m a REALLY quick learner

I’ve been playing since day 1 of the game released date. I’m a pvp player so I jumped right away into this mode at level 1.

I always recommend for any newcomer to start pvp early if that’s what they enjoy on other games. Learn and acquire player’s skill under this mode. it won’t be easy at this point to become a skilled player due to getting paired against much higher skilled players. Expect some frustration on how many times you will die until you get more familiar with your toon and the game mechanic in general within pvp.

Probably around 5. Did a few story missions then me and my friend gave Meltdown a try and got hooked

22 iirc. on pc. only went into pvp because folks on the discord wanted to, lol. so i had folks showing me the ropes.

PvP didn’t interest me that much at first. I was Level 100 for a while before I even played my first game, which is kinda embarrassing. :laughing:
Although over the past 2 weeks I’ve been playing it a lot more and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. :wink:

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lvl 1