What Lore would you change? [plot twist]

What kind of hardcore challenges would you give to the characters you like to play? Personaly, loving Orendi and I would like to try and triple kill with her Ult.

For Isic or Bolder I’d like to knock enemies off a map.

The idea came to me when I jumped off an edge, spun and hook shot 2 enimes. Bringing them down with me. Best double kill.

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I would love a lore for Rath making him stun 2 Battleborn at the same time 5 times with his level 1 mutation.

Quite difficult, and it forces people to look at Rath in a different way. Personally I find his level 1 mutation obnoxiously OP for what it does, but since others seem to think it is useless I am happy to use it myself to rack up kills.

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As main Orendi I´d love a “Headshots/Crits with Chaosbolts” challange.
I always try to improve my aiming with them while spamming all other skills. Its not so easy considered how slow the projectiles are.

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Make Toby get 10 double kills with his ult.

Oh wait…

(In all seriousness, make Cald kill enemies that he’s damaged with both TMP and melee in short succession.)


Alani : Deal 100 k dmg and heal for 50 k 10 times

Ghalt: hook airborne enemy battleborn. His current hooking lore challenge is too easy, IMO. (hehe hooking)

Toby: interrupt a battleborn’s ultimate ability with your stun (“Sorry I broke your wrists”) 10 times … “Gosh! That sucks for you.”

That one could really work for anyone with a stun, but Toby really needs something else to replace Killing on Rails. Plus it just seems to fit him perfectly. Adorable, yet insanely aggravating.

Damn, beat me to it. Haha… I hate “killing on rails”, and hope it burns to the ground.

Reyna: Get killshot on 10 enemy Battleborn WHILE Photonic Ward is up

I like the knock off the map idea, but maybe that’s because I just quick melee’d OM off the map on incursion when he was getting a thrall camp. I love doing that more than anything, because I know how angry it makes people.
Alani - knockup 5 Battleborn with geyser, just once.
Toby - survive the death trap that is your ultimate :stuck_out_tongue:
Galt - get ten multi kills with his ult
Melka - kill ten Battleborn slowed by Claw Lunge! Not spike, because obviously you’re gonna use that, it’s easier.

Ghalt - “Lead by Example” - Complete a match with a full team (no soloing) with the top score in at least 3 categories.

Example: Most kills, most shards collected, and most team member revives.

I always thought that it could be to kill 5-8 enemies 5-10 times or something. It didn’t HAVE to be Enemy Battleborn.