What Love Remains bug (ramp buggy)

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I just tried your tip on using the tracks and it was tough to get just the right spot but it worked. Thanks!

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Unfortunately it seems that even the next bridge after that is glitches and I’m just falling right through

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Opened a ticket with 2K sending video of issue. They told me to wait for a fix update :angry:


I have this problem too on the Xbox series s. This is bs


I used the Ruby’s Wrath jump boost and got up there. I’m lvl 72 but I had a rubys from when I was 50 and it did well to get me up there.

I’m having the same problem on the series S, managed to do the first jump but after that, i cant climb the other obstacles. any information/date of when this is going to get fixed? it’s my last dlc for finishing the game.

It’s been a month since this thread started has this issue been fixed yet?

No :angry: this is their reply:

Hey Abueyadz,

Thanks for getting back to us and I am really sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused you.

I would like to assure you that our team has reviewed and documented this bug and that we will continue to work on it. As mentioned, we don’t have the specific turnaround time as to when the issue will be finalized but rest assured that it will be handled appropriately. Please continue to be updated through our official social media account for the latest patch and fixes.

Let me know if anything else comes up on your end.

Thank you,

Miguel Pl.
2K Support

not yet