What low level gear can be useful at end game?

I have a ton of items from the Mayhem On Twitch Rare Chest Events in my mail
that are going to expire in a couple of weeks.

Some of the streamers mentioned that there are items that would be good at a low level.

For instance, a Ruby’s Wrath for rocket jumping or a Cloning Maddening Tracker so it won’t kill you.

There is this topic about low level artifacts:

Are there any other topics that mention low level end game gear?

If this hasn’t been discussed, does anyone have any recommendations for low level gear that they like to use at end game?

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Low level Bangstick is good for Fl4k to get the Stackbot damage increase without killing yourself. Roid shields are also good at low level since the melee damage increase has nothing to do with level.

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A low level amp shield equipped with a blood letter with passive health regen gives amp on nearly every shot. Never bothered doing it but always sounded like a cool idea

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Based on what I remember… Sellout, Infinity, Brawler ward, stop-gap, it’s piss…otherwise what’s already been mentioned


An It’s Piss grenade is much better for Zane at a low level so you don’t suicide, or so my friends that play Zane tell me.

Realized after posting that @Steeveyb mentioned this one


Low-level Cloning Maddening Tracker.


Would a lower level Infernal Wish deal less self damage than a max level? Or is the self damage proportional to your damage dealt?


@vCarpeDiemv Hmmm, hadn’t considered that. Thing is, the IW special effect does not proc unless there is at least some shields filled in the overall shield capacity. So if you were going to use a low-level IW, you would need to run it on Moze with Phalanx doctrine or possibly on Zane with barrier, I think? I don’t think it would work too well on Fl4k or Amara.


Shame Fuzzy Math is so far down the Trapper tree . . .


Hmmm, now that I am thinking about it - shouldn’t the IW work pretty well to increase damage output on purple tree builds in general? 100% more projectiles does a lot for damage after all.

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Shooting a lvl 1 Shredifier with a 72 infernal wish I took next to no damage. Topped out at maybe ~100 dmg on shield capacity of 100k+. A level 1 Infernal Wish with a 72 Shredifier broke instantly and killed me


@ucfmatt Wait, let me get this straight - are you saying that you believe the Infernal Wish’s self-damage is based on the level of the weapon you’re using?!? That is not at all the result I would have expected.


I figured this was how it worked as I havent seen many level 1 IW cheese videos. I had just assumed it was based off of the damage you dealt.


What’s this?

Holy ■■■■

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It looks that way. Either the level of the weapon or maybe the damage output of the weapon seems to play a big part in how much burn damage the IW generates


@ucfmatt It’s gotta be weapon damage value or perhaps weapon level or Mayhem level? I feel like I don’t take any more damage from a Plaguebearer or Ion Cannon. Its typically the high fire rate weapons that will take it down.

Although here’s another slightly OT but related theory about the IW: I believe, based on my play testing, that it’s possible the Infernal Wish’s self-damage never scales beyond 100% of the value of its shield capacity. That sounds like a boring revelation until you think about the concept of using it with a Deathless. Then you almost never go down from it. This is why this shield works so well with a Deathless setup.

If the self-damage is not based upon the IW’s overall capacity, perhaps it’s based upon the player’s level or Mayhem level? I am not too sure. But there is some interaction there between the IW and Deathless that results in this.

As you know, shield increases in this game based on skills do not scale with passive shield increases from gear (I hate these types of terms because I think they can be confusing, but they are “additive” as opposed to “multiplicative”). So I think the game ignores the additional shield capacity in calculating the self-damage possibly? Or something like that.


@tysonyar Yeah I think you’re onto something there. I don’t know exactly how the burn amount is calculated but I know it can exceed the shields base capacity based on shooting a 72 gun with a lvl 1 shield. The first tick broke my shield and started burning down my hp so I don’t think it’s always some less than 100 percentage of the base shield cap.


@ucfmatt Yeah I think my theory needs some tweaking because you are correct, if you were using a Level 1 IW, it shouldn’t be going down if it’s based on shield capacity.

But there’s something to the IW/Deathless interaction. It could just be that the drastically increased capacity (100%) just serves to negate the self-combustion effects. It feels like there’s something more to it though. As you all know I don’t mess too much with the math, so I haven’t tested it that way.



Rough Rider
-23% Damage taken
+35% Health

While Shield is depleted:
+25% Weapon Damage
+4% Max-Health Regen/s

+13% Weapon Damage
+23% Reload Speed
-13% Damage taken
+50% Health

Band of Sitorak
+25% Health.
While Shield is depleted:
+22% Weapon Damage

Version 0.m
On Shield break:
Drops a Red Circle that lasts for 6s.
While standing in the Red Circle :
+50% Damage (Also Action Skill Damage)

On Shield break:
Your character becomes shock-enraged for 15s
Shock-Enraged :
+50% Fire Rate
+200% Bonus Shock Damage
(Action Skills, Melee, Grenades, and Weapons)

On Shield break (10s Cooldown):
Throws a free grenade that is based on your Grenade Mod

On Shield break (needs full recharge):
Become Immune to all damage for 5s

Double Downer
+100% Fight for your Life Time
While in Fight for your Life:
+25% Weapon Damage
+150% Accuracy & Handling

Limit Break
25% Chance to absorb bullets as ammo and decrease Action Skill Cooldown by 20% for a couple of seconds.
Hidden: +100% Health

Loop of 4N631
While Shield is depleted:
+60% Action Skill Cooldown Rate

Scream of Terror
On Shield break:
Triggers a cryo nova; enemies damaged by the Nova become confused and attack their allies.
Confusion lasts up to 8 seconds. The more terrified you are the longer the confusion lasts.

Honorable mentions:
Red Suit - The radiation damage it deals to nearby enemies scales, but it’ll give you 100% radiation resistance at any level.
Transformer - 100% Shock Resistance, regardless of level. Can still self-down with DOT on higher mayhem levels.


S3RV-80S-EXECUTE (Pistol)
Thrown S3RV-80S-EXECUTE explodes on enemy contact or after 6 sec.
When thrown with an emptied magazine it applies a stackable debuff to enemies for 12 sec.
+50% Damage towards all debuffed enemies.

Hitting damaged allies heals them.
Hitting allies that are in FFYL revives them with no cooldown.

Honorable mentions:
Guardian 4N631/Unforgiven - Swap bonuses
Psycho Stabber - +340% Melee
Butt Plug - from-behind melee bonus
Crader’s EM-P5 - +20% Movement Speed
Omni-Loader - Reloads all eqipped weapons
Preadtory Lending - Shows player total money over counter limit
Web Slinger/Ruby’s Wrath - Traversal aids
Zheitsev’s Eruption - On overheat launches 8 homing projectiles that debuff damaged enemies and for each projectile, the enemy takes +20% damage from all sources for 6 sec.
Little Yeeti - Will still knock back enemies


It’s Piss
Enemies damaged by the It’s Piss take +20% increased damage.

All enemies damaged by the grenade fight on your side for 10s.
Enemies fighting on your side gain increased damage.

HOT Spring
Creates a Healing area on impact that heals allies inside of it.

NOG Potion #9
All NOGs damaged by the grenade fight on your side for 12s.

Cheddar Shredder
Enemies drop a LOT of money.

Honorable mentions:
Whispering Ice - Ice Pillars cause knockback regardless of level
Fish Slap - Useful for proccing Melee effects at any level


You can shoot at your feet with the Bangstick to self-stack using the stickies. Needs to be low level to not kill your self in the process.

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