What made you laugh today in the pre-sequel

Post funny stuff that made you laugh in the pre-sequel.

Yesterday I played the Zapped quest line again in UVHM. I chose to blow up the laser via Torgue. I drove up on the floaty vehicle (the smaller single seater one) and I managed to land it on top of the marker pole that Torgue sent down. It stayed.

Therefore I ended up in laughing fits.

And when torgues space missle blew up the platform, it fell into the lava properly. Good stuff.

I think it’s in my twitch feed on 12/6/2015. matrixneo42. I think it’s in the first hour of the 4.5 hour broadcast. Probably other stuff worth watching in there. Including a fight with the sentinel. That glitched shotgun I got early in UVHM has been worth it’s weight in gold despite my mostly elemental build.