What made you sad today?

In the light of BL3 DLC3’s music, I thought this was particularly interesting:


The idea that I can’t go out with my friends.

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Another iconic loss. Growing up, the Charlton brothers were among the top football players in the UK whenever such discussions started up. (Others including George Best and Gordon Banks).


I didn’t watch Mythbusters but his Battlebot Deadblow was one of my favourites as kid. I had the grappler toy and my mom bought me the “build-it-yourself” version, but the axe didn’t work when we put it together and I had to trade it in for an Overkill which wasn’t nearly as cool.

Where to begin…I basically spent almost 3 weeks in the hospital. I already have one health issue and now…well I have cancer. So getting that news, being poked for blood and being in the hospital took a toll on me. I already started chemo and doing what we can to stay strong and positive. no idea how many rounds of chemo i will be doing but i get to do that again. Im just happy to be home, i have good support and overall lots of love.

i know its not “today” but its been complicated.



Idk how to put it in words, but this sucks. Noticed my dog out of the blue not being her usual self. Couldn’t climb the stairs like she used to, it was a struggle. Turned out she has like a herniated disk or something. It came at such a horrible time. Like you ever wanted to hold your pet so bad, but can’t do it because of your current health issue? That much is messed up. I want to hold her, but I can’t. Not for a while.

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MEC, Canada’s answer to REI, has been sold to a LA based investment company.

This really sucks frankly since its co-op status will end. I’ve been a member since the mid-80’s.
However, if there’s anything to brighten the story :

“News of its acquisition Monday prompted many members of the co-operative to wonder whether they would get their co-operative shares — about $5 — back.”

Either I can be happy I get FIVE WHOLE DOLLARS back (amortized over my 35 year membership, 14 cents per year :metal:) or I can laugh at the idiots who feel entitled to it.


They’ve got my $5 too. Not going to see that given the current financial status of the company and the details of the whateveritis MEC went in to before striking this deal. Although, after the fiasco of the new MEC Store in Toronto, I do have to wonder how much of that was essentially self-inflicted.

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Oh the last few years of management have been extremely lacklustre. The rebrand/refocus on urban, poor designs of new gear and splashing out rather against their traditional core values certainly hastened their demise.

I could see the drop in overall quality and it drove many to another local independent shop (who have kept their core values for the last 90 years). In fact while online sales have made an impact, that particular store has seen some of its best years ever recently, so I’m sure if MEC kept it simple and stuck to the outdoors they’d have been fine.

I’ve been purchasing gear from a combination of Mark’s Work Warehouse, Outward Bound, and Tilley’s for a while now, so I’m probably not going to miss MEC too much.

I do like Marks Work Warehouse.

Looks like MEC isn’t immune to a little “Russian interference”

Anyways, a petition is circulating and almost has 35K signatures already.

I’ve spent a lot less there in recent years because of the reasons previously stated so I wouldn’t actually miss them in any practical way. More lament than anything else.

Let’s face it: the MEC of the early 1990s disappeared a long time ago.

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My sister, 32yrs old, is dieing of liver failure as a complication of a thyroid problem she was born with.


@smokeoff my prayers :pray:

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Thank you