What Makes COV Weapons Do Faster Start-Up Animation?

I mean when pulling out a COV gun it does that animation to start up the gun. Can it go much faster like more Handling or something? I gotten few Z-Eruption guns and the start up with them kinda annoying to deal with after a while


Good question. Maybe weapon swap?

I think on my Zane it is faster once I have kill skills up with reload speed And fire rateI’ll have to check that out. Great question by the way…

I believe weapon swap because my Amara can whip outs linoge pretty quickly with fast hands.
It could consider the crank as reloading though, like a lawnmower?

Probably that. Yeah that would makes sense. Unsure if other VHs have that skill. I know Zane has Cold Bore and I think Moze has that “keep moving, don’t stop” kind of a skill. Wonder if Fl4k has?

Z-Eruption debuff ability feels a bit too good and I guess an almost must have weapon for tanky enemies XD

Yeah, it seems like this would be tied to some speed variable (handling, reload, swap, whatever).

Weapon charge speed. Works for maliwan stuff and the ion canon too


edit - I don’t notice any skills on FL4K that buff charge speed… will be sniffing around for relics/COMs with this for sure!