What map am I missing? Is this a bug? KLEESE LORE


What map am I still missing? :S Or does Chaos Rumble not count toward this lore challenges completion? I completed my Galilea Lore in Chaos Rumble, I thought it’d actually let me finally complete this too!

@JoeKGBX I tried filing a support ticket about this, but I only got an error when trying to submit a ticket so I had to post these here.

this Lore torments me. End my suffering please.

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i just got that challenge done with chaos rumble really the only mode where people will vote for the snowy capture map but i counted your results and you should definitely have it

Chaos Ruble should count. It did for me. It seems that for some people it is not counting however. Some people aren’t getting any of their lore completion done in Chaos Rumble while others are. I’m not sure what’s causing it but there seems to be some bug somewhere possibly.

Yeah, that looks like all of 'em. Same thing happened to me. Try lobbing yourself off a cliff in each story mission, it worked for me.

That’s a bummer man. This lore challenge is a pain in the ass for how easy it is supposed to be.

Yeah, try to redo the missions on hardcore, maybe they bugged out somehow and didn’t count.

EDIT: Nah it bugged the hell out on me.

Grumble Grumble…