What Mayhem level do annointed weapons appear at?

Playing a new character, lvl 60, Mayhem 4. I just realized I don’t think I’ve seen an anointed drop.

Don’t quote me, but I believe M8+ everything is annointed. I know that on M10 all drops are annointed(some exclusions apply).

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They can be at any Mayhem level, however the higher the level, the more chance there is for it to be anointed.


Once I was 7 getting un annointed items was very uncommon so I would guess and this is just a guess it is probably like 10 or 15% chance per level. Seeing as there are 10 levels it would make sence to do it 10% per level. I also recall something along the lines “at 10 your 100% guaranteed everything that can be anointed will be annointed” being in the patch notes in the past. I could be miss remembering tho.

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At Mayhem 10 all drops are annointed, except for some uniques. But I have seen it mentioned that at M8 everything drops annointed, I haven’t tested it though.

I do agree that the scale should be more progressive though.

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Thanks everyone!

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them without any Mayhem at all.


Yes, you can get anointments on drops at any mayhem level, including zero. The chance of rolling a drop with an anointment, however, does increase with increasing mayhem level.


I believe annointments can start dropping in your first playthrough after or at eden 6.

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They must be extremely rare - I only see them in Earl’s shop. I’m going through Eden-6 right now with new Amara, so will keep an eye out for them, but I don’t think I saw any on M0 in my 5+ playthroughs.

Technically, you don’t need to play on Mayhem at all to get any. But higher Mayhem increases the chance and Mayhem 8-10 guarantees you are gonna get only anointed items.

Its a running joke with me and my coop partners when we find legendaries or annoited drops in nvhm no mayhem. So I know its possible but just rare.