What Mayhem Modifiers should I use?

I’m getting back into the game and I’m new to Mayhem 10. What modifiers should I use that least effects the gameplay and damage of my character?

Speed Demon
Chilling Them Softly
Ticked Off
Buddy System

Best for me, no damage penalty (other than cryo), with Moze this is perfect. Only annoyance is the buddy System but the drones are easy to kill.

Buddy system causes frequent crashes for me and others. If you dont crash definitely try that. I’m currently using post morten which is annoying but doesnt affect dps

Speed Demon - great speed makes it easy to stay out of damage.
Healy Avenger - easy to deal with IMO
Mob Mentality - makes enemies a bit harder in groups…adds actual difficulty without disabling guns/elements/damage.
Chain Gang - kind of annoying but not that hard to deal with usually.
Laser Fare - similar to chain gang IMO…kind of annoying but not that hard to deal with usually.
Buddy System - this is annoying. No doubt about it. The balls can get stuck behind objects or be hard to see for various reasons.

That being said this is the only Very Hard modifier I use because the others suck. I don’t want my damage nerfed or random one shot mobs spawning on me or immunity to an element I need to kill them. By comparison this is the most straight forward and they are not that hard to kill usually. Just ease into new areas and use a scope to knock out the buddy system things before getting into the thick of it. Problem solved (most of the time). Bonus is that they can also be used to get a second wind easily if one is in view.

I don’t like any modifier that creates an immunity or nerfs my damage or crits. That just artificially makes the game hard by making it a slog on higher mayhem levels. Honestly, I hate all these modifiers. This system sucks and is not well conceived at all.


Depends on character and build. For my TTB Amara I was using Slayer, Healy Avenger, Chain Gang and Dazed and Infuse. For my Brawl Amara I prefer Slayer, Healy Avenger, Laser Fare and Not the Face.

Laser fire is still busted for me now they double stacking sometimes triple stacking they said they fixed i think its worse for me now anybody else have this happen.


I love how this thread basically says how can I make mayhem 2.0 suck as little as possible
GBX, please!


Not everybody like modifiers.

For the love of God, Gearbox.

Let us have an option to turn on/off the modifiers.

Thank you. For the love of God.


I use Galaxy Brain, Healy Avenger , Laser fare , and Holy Crit. I do focus on crit shots. But that is the focus of all my builds.

I guess galaxy brain pairs well with holy crit but I hate the way galaxy brain looks (it’s like I’m fighting bobble heads which looks ridiculous IMO) and it honestly feels like cheating to me so I avoid it. It sort of doesn’t make sense that anyone who wants the challenge of M10 would play with big head mode which trivializes getting head-shots. I guess if you want the loot of M10 but need to tone down the difficulty it’s like M10 EZ mode or something.


If you look at it that way, then yes. But I play with a deathless artifact on all my characters. So my HP is at 1 at all times. I use no health regen at all on any character I have. So, using Galaxy Brain with Holy Crit may seem like cheating, but try my play style out and see if that’s the case. Do a run on the GTD or MTD with my Amara, Fl4k, or Moze builds. (I’m still working on Zane). Don’t forget that crits take 25% more damage, but body shots count for 50% less with Holy Crit. There are trade-offs all around.

I usually play with slayer because I like the mechanics of it (even tho groundbreaker makes it a bit obsolete), laser fare to have a FFYL target against tanky bosses or enemies in the takedown, mob mentality cause enemies dealing more damage doesn’t bother me at all and either holy crit (with Fl4k), dazed and infused or rogue lite(when using Zane’s clone, although I’m not sure old-u still works in saving you from it).

I have lv.60 gear now with max 5-6 chaos stats and playing moze all the time. I do enjoy the new ib power ( by playing max chaotic lv 7) But I hate all the modifier In general. So what you can recommend and why. Of course not just the “fames “Like mob mentality, chain gang, Tempo, loot. . And please all support that we gonna get a button to turn the modifier off

To be honest…if you really want the best way to avoid modifiers affecting gameplay…don’t play M10. Play M8 instead. It only has 2 modifiers and one is easy so you can get speed demon and buddy system. It’s one of the least intrusive modes while still being relatively high in “difficulty”.

If you are intent on playing M10…it still could be beneficial to start with M8 and get a small collection of M8 gear before moving to M10 full time.

I think you can’t actually roll those two together anymore as of the patch that introduced the Guardian Takedown, because they have a tendency to cause crashes if you have both.

easy > anything thats good for u

medium > healy avenger , it does next to nothing because u should be able to kill enemy very quickly if ur build is good enough

hard > - status damage, again it does next to nothing because if u have a good enough build that kills the enemy quickly then status damage will be obsolete , unless youre running a DOT build

very hard> buddy system for easy second win , it can be annoying if ur playing with a controller and dont use aim assist , since their movement can sometimes be unpredictable , but thats ok it can be compensate with ur aim or just use recursion instead lol

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Thanks; good explanation. What is in general a good weapon to kill this drone in buddy system? A sand hawk? Yes I do play with a controller on ps4

A lot of people here recommend speed demon, but if you really want a modifier that doesn’t affect difficulty or gameplay too much I’d go for Lootsplosion which just means more loot in the long run or Slayer which is basically optional. If you don’t want the game to be more difficult I’d avoid taking Galaxy Brain because it also affects your character and can get you killed very quickly in some circumstances.

For very hard I like to use Post Mortem but I will admit that i can be obnoxious and sometimes it feels like every enemy you kill spawns a Death. It also really depends on the guns you are using because you’ll want something that doesn’t rely on crits or dots because Death is affected by neither and the flying skulls can be kind of hard to hit (aim for the teeth, never the eyes) and I’d say you are best off just using a Lob.

Buddy System is also OK but can mess with your performance and it’s not uncommon for Buddy Drones to spawn in stupid places and get stuck outside the map, rendering enemies unkillable.

I wouldn’t recommend ever going for Dazed and Infused and Not the Face because those two can cripple your damage output considerably. Holy Crit can be good but of course it also means that against enemies who don’t have a crit spot or are just very hard to crit, your damage is nerfed quite a bit. Probably the best modifier on Fadeaway Fl4k though.

In my experience a good SMG is the best weapon to take them out in combat or use a sniper if you can take them out before the fight starts. They aren’t hard to kill but sometimes hard to hit so an SMG is good because they generally shoot fast and are stable enough to stay on target.

edit Kaoson was amazing at deleting them btw.

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yeah lol , i go straight to the point . ugh u can use anything that doesn’t have slow projectile , they have low hp anyway, i mainly use clairvoyance for almost everything , this jakobs is very accurate even on hip and does really good damage if u can land some crit

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