What means annointment

Sorry for the poor wording of the title, how it came to me too lazy to change.
There are a number of things that still have me head scratching, dang ratch’s😊 like anointed weapons. Saw some at earls but nothing special except that word. Any help appreciated.
Another question, in the skill trees does the skill apply to the character regardless of what per is being used say by FL4K?
Thanks all

I take annointed to mean it’s imbued with extra power, both the enemies (as they show with Billy the Goliath) and the weapons which have an extra perk.

So like the red text on weapons shields etc?

usually annoited weapons display their extra perk in yellow text in the weapon card


An anointed item has a special effect described on the item card in the last row (yellow/orange text). In case of this grenade, it’s the grenade regen on action skill start. You can also differentiate by the different header at the top of an item card next to the item score. Anointed ones are more flashy and have that vault symbol in the middle. When anointed items are on the ground their beams are also thicker and have a swirling effect.

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Ok, I think I have it. I haven’t actually found any of these yet but I see that they’ll pop out like the effervescent ones did with the commander lilith DLC.
Thank you I’ll be buying one at Earls on next play session just to see.