What mission gives you Octo shotty?

Im trying to get all the unique mission reward gus at 50 with my Wolhelm befite advancing into UVHM.

Which mission rewards you with the Octo shotgun?

Is it the one where you have to fight the threshers in Outlands Canyon?

And if so, what missions do you have to complete to unlock that mission?

Thanks in advance, guys!

Nevermind… I need to play this game again.

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According to the wiki, since I have forgotten, it is Lab 19. Sounds about right, I knew it was Nakaranga mission.

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I should…already have it then…whaat…guess I’ll look back through my mules!

I may have accidentally done that mission in normal TVHM not realizing it had a Unique reward.

Are you SURE it’s that mission?


Ah, Lab 19!

Excellent, I’m just about to do that mission!

Ok, so Im still wondering; which mission is the One where you launch young Terramorphous to Pandora at the end and which mission is the one where you fight the Threshers in the cave?

Is that the same mission?

I really like that one, how do you unlock it?

I actually have no idea because I think I did that mission all of 2 times over the course of 800 hours. The launching of Terry and the fighting of threshers are the same mission, I do remember that.

OK, after some serious backtracking of trying to figure out what the reward item was (the razorback) I found the mission name. “Home Delivery” available from Concordia after completing “Treasures of ECHO Madre”. That explains why I rarely ever had that mission and never got around to it.

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Home Delivery mission, do the Treasures of the ECHO Madre mission, go to Concordia, and check the bounty board.

Hammerlock will contact you.

Nurse Nina will also say that she thinks she should find a friend and will give you a funny quest.

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The Three Suitors Mission, yeah?

Rough love?

Sweet, another fun one!

Thanks, man!


Yeah, when you enter her clinic, she’ll say that a woman came after her Husband was attacked by a creature named Thresher. Then Nina says she should find a friend, and that the Vault Hunter might be interested. Then she’ll offer Rough Love.

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Great, thanks again!

You’re welcome. Sorry for the first comment, didn’t play the side quests in a lot of time so…

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