What missions do you want in the Director's cut?

So, the Director’s cut is supposedly going to add new missions. Guessing that means side missions for the base game, but might be DLC missions, too, it isn’t clear.

My question is, what missions would you love to see added?

What characters do you want more of, what missions do you want to get a part 2 of (or more parts of), or what types of missions would you like?


Honestly, I’d love to see these two meet up:
image image

Not sure if it’s a fight between them, or a dance battle, but something. We either pick sides or bring them together.





And I’m not even guessing, we know he had a major story mission with maya that was cut for whatever reason (Which I think is kind of mentioned in dlc 4 with the castle part). Also, according to dlc 4, we know that he worked with the B team (Brick, Tina and Mordecai). I think the most logical choice for gearbox is to implement missions that give us a chance to see krieg again, most likely having the players work with the B team. There are two main arguements I can think of for why gearbox would focus on krieg: He’s a fan favorite character whose dlc was way to short and fans want more of him, and they probably have some cut content that they can implement for less work. It’s a win win.


More Agent Dee please


Sorry for being a little vague, but I just wanted to say that I’ve really got my hopes up for the Director’s Cut. I hope it’s going to be something big and substantial, the true Season Pass 2-seller.

I’m not on the edge of my seat (because it’s going to take like at least four months to release), but I’m ready to be amazed.

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Assuming it adds sidequests where ever then I’d like circles of slaughter in DLCs. I’m not even a huge fan for doing circles but not having them for different enemy types just seems wrong.
If Old God isn’t given a drop elsewhere give it one there (preferably elsewhere though).

While I don’t think it needs a new mission I do think the trial bosses need to start lootsploding multiple COMs out instead of how it works now. Like 5 per kill minimum.

I have hopes that it would fundamentally change how some of the systems in the game work but I don’t think that’ll happen.


More Tiny Tina, Brick, Mordy, and Talon

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Face McShooty must return in some form I will speak it into existence. I’d also like a BL2 style raid boss on each planet considering I thought that was something we’d be seeing on launch day.


The Krieg content that exists in the base game definitely leaves some loose ends between getting from there to Flusterkluck, lost undercover mission and all. I’m still going with my head cannon that he ended up like Vic and that really is his literal mind on Tannis’s counter.

We’ve yet to hear from Athena, Fiona & Sasha, Gortys and Loaderbot, Janey or Pickle and the credits hint at both Typhon and Eddie being converted into bots somehow.

The could possibly create new crew Challenges for Marcus and Balex.
Who knows?

I personally would enjoy having some new and exciting maps to play, and anything that builds on lore in a creative and engaging way is welcome.


Bunkers and Badasses please.


Replayable ones.


I want some MAIN missions added. I want some that develop Tyrene and Troy, their motivation, their rivalry, their humanity (or lack thereof). I also want some that patch, in a way that is sympathetic to all characters involved, the relationship between Maya and Ava and then Ava and Lilith. I want it to make sense why things happened and why characters did what they did in a relatable way (as opposed to a “because the writers said so” sort of way). (E.G. why give Ava the ship?)

I mean, side quests are nice, but I think the main story could be really tightened up.


To add. I’m playing through BL3 again from start. I’d forgotten about the “Talk to lilith” meme.

OMG. Break that up/fix that.

Same for skipping conversations. The first 1/2 hour of the campaign is ~80% scene based interaction and not play. It’d probably be better not to skip them on a first playthrough, but any (even on a “new game”) after beating the game once should have that option.


Would skipping to lv.13 in Promethea count as that option?

I’m torn about the lvl 13 skip.

I’d rather go through some of the early stuff, but be able to skip the NPCs talking at me.

On the other hand, that’s a quick and dirty solution, but not the ideal one for me.


The should scale up the loot on skipped missions when you return to Pandora, but not the XP so you aren’t overleveled.

If there were a new side mission where the side effect of turning on the machine and then beating the big boss revives the creatures on Nekratefayo and Xylorgos, spelling schmelling, for us to fight, that might be fun, with those bosses being massive Shadow of the Colossus style Map Sized Boss Battles your traverse.

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Anything given by Torgue, especially if they reference being Badass and/or EXPLOSIONS!

And ones with Dwarves from Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon’s Keep, because… reasons.

And a few more maps and missions for Athenas, the most underutilized planet in the galaxy.
Maybe something to illustrate the connection between Athenas and Sirens.

I would also like to see the whole premise of DLC3 redone using either Marcus or Clay as the narrator and main quest driver. Having no NPC’s from the main game in the DLC was just a horrendous idea from a franchise narrative standpoint, especially since they used a Jakobs planet. They could easily have done something with Clay chasing down old records for Jakobs and asking the VH to investigate the planet and helping to drive the mission flow. Or at worst have Marcus, the premier storyteller of the franchise, narrating the new story so that there is at least some tie-in to the existing BL3 universe beyond reused bandit frames and Eden-6 fauna. As it stands now, there is no reason for me to care at all about anyone or anything on the stupid planet (see, I don’t even remember what the planet name is. That is how non-memorable the DLC is for me!).

Maybe a few dozen actual missions for the 4th DLC.

And please bring back themed Headhunter Packs, but with a few more missions and things to do per pack and have some be re-playable beyond just a boss raid (but include a boss raid as well, of course).

EDIT - duh, and a new Bunkers and Badasses DLC!


more Invincible Boss. and digby vermouth’s sexy saxhorn


I like Circles of Slaughter, and having at least one more would be nice. Would be cool to get a mixed enemy type instead of sticking to a single theme…

If we’re talking about story related quests, I’d like to know what happened to Fiona.


Totally agree about wanting more krieg and b team. Sucks they got so little time.
Like the idea of new crew challenges as long as they can make them different and interesting without being too hard. Like the dlc 3 treasure hunts were good but the logs/chests were just copies of the typhon crew challenges.
Bunkers and badasses would be great but kinda needs a dlc to itself so dunno.
Athenas NEEDS more content, especially more maps and missions.
And yeah, hoping we find out about Fiona and what happened at the end of TFTB