What mod should my siren use?

My brother and I just got to 72, me playing Maya and him as krieg. He hasn’t let me grab elated or too much sweet release because he has to time release the beast. I’m currently using a legendary binder but I don’t know what works best with this
Besides a mirrored trickster since I’m beehawking. Could someone explain what mods would fit my build? I’m using several bones of the ancient, a grog nozzle, and a bane for ffyl

Here ya go- personally I’d try a Trickster for Fire Rate, Warder for bonus shield capacity or L. Siren for the action skill cool down…

Thanks, but what I’m really concerned about is what mod will work best skill point wise when I start digistruct peak. The chart was very helpful though.

I suspect that you’ll find value in a respec for the Peak. I acknowledge that my perspective is that of a solo player, but I would at the very least recommend moving points (probably from Fleet) into Foresight and going Legendary Siren. Max cool down, 10/5 Ward, 10/5 Foresight, passive gun damage AND 10/5 Accelerate, passive speed boost while using your action skill… It’s just awesome. Accelerate points will speed up the Hawk rounds and make them hit harder. Kind of a no brainer.

You’re most likely missing a lot from not having points into Chain Reaction, Reaper and Ruin…

I think most of us would agree with Maveco on those skills, and I really can’t emphasize the value of Foresight enough. Extra mag size = slight reduction in number of reloads, and then you’re reloading substantially faster when you have to. The jump from 0/5 to 10/5 is tremendous. That is a LOT of extra time actually dealing damage instead of reloading.

Well… Nothing, to put it bluntly! There are mods that could work with your build, but the problem, as I see it, is your build. You’re basically giving up all the skills that make Maya a high dps character or a great healer.

A Blurred Trickster will serve you much better. Chain Reaction is one of Maya’s best skills, and can clear a mob in no-time. KR is useless against melee enemies, so if you’re going for a Trickster COM, you should get one with points in Chain Reaction and Life Tap. The Sandhawk has great synergy with CR and Life Tap.

With the restrictions you have from your Krieg-buddy, I’d recommend that you build something like this. It would give you a hell of a lot more dps, and would allow you to heal yourself. The sacrifice is longer cooldown, but a BoA and L. Binder compensates for that. A Legendary Siren COM, would shave off even more, but a Cat COM would give you a lot more firepower with your Beehawk. A Legendary Cat is the best, but a good blue or purple gives you a big boost aswell. So, one of those would be my first choice.

Ward and Inertia are great skills, and especially so when you’re using the Bee. I few points in Sweet Release, but those can be spent elsewhere since your buddy don’t want it. Sustenance can save you from dying when you have a DoT on you, and Life Tap is your main healing along with the Grog. Scorn is great for slagging in between PL cooldowns and when you go into FFYL.

Foresight, Chain reaction, Reaper and Ruin are four of Maya’s best dps-skills, and in the Peak you’ll need some firepower.

My recommendation would be to respec for Digistruct Peak and use a Legendary Siren COM. As an alternate to the Legendary Siren COM, I would recommend a Legendary Cat COM. I would get rid of Kinetic Reflection, Fleet, Sub-sequence and probably even Thoughtlock. You aren’t only going to be fighting enemies that shoot bullets, so KR won’t be able to help too much. Unless you plan on using a Rough Rider Shield + Breakneck Banshee COM, Fleet won’t be very useful. Generally speaking, Sub-sequence isn’t very good for DigiStruct Peak. And while I have heard that Thoughtlock can be good at DigiStruct Peak, you are probably better off using the more traditional Phaselock.

Your current build has no points in the Cataclysm Tree, and Foresight, Chain Reaction, Reaper and Ruin are all excellent skills for Maya; especially when you pair Ruin with Converge. Ruin + Converge acts as a Slag Singularity Grenade without the need to carry an actual Slag Singularity Grenade. For DP, you should put some points in both Sweet Release and Elated. Tell your brother to just “deal with it” at least for DP, since I am sure he will be happy when you prevent him and yourself from dying. This is especially true if it will just be the two of you running thru the OP levels at DigiStruct Peak.

I don’t recommend more than 1 point in Accelerate, Mind’s Eye and Restoration as long as the COM you use boosts Accelerate and Mind’s Eye by +5, which the Legendary Siren does. Too many points in Accelerate (in particular) can make certain weapons like the Pimpernel perform less optimally. You don’t really need more than 1 point total in Restoration, since healthgate can become an issue and since it is possible for Maya to fully heal someone with just 1 point in Restoration (depending upon the weapon you use). Scorn is a very good skill and it is possible to take both Ruin and Scorn. Taking Scorn into consideration as well as the Bee Shield, a Legendary Siren COM, and a Bone of the Ancients Relic, the following build would probably work well at DigiStruct Peak:


Note that the combined Cooldown boost from the Legendary Siren COM and Bone of the Ancients Relic somewhat mitigates the lack of Quicken.

Whenever I run DigiStruct Peak to help people with OP levels, I use my Siren Build (in my ‘signature’) with a Legendary Siren COM, a Bone of the Ancients and typically either an Antagonist Shield or a Blockade Shield. My weapon loadout consists of a Flying Sandhawk (Fire) SMG, React Hornet (Corrosive) Pistol, a Rustler’s Twister (Shock) Shotgun and a Practicable Interfacer (Fire) Shotgun. For Grenades, I use either a Longbow Storm Front (Shock) or Longbow Quasar (Shock). However, I will adjust my weapon loadout as necessary. For example, to swapout a Pimpernel (Corrosive) or White Death (Corrosive) for one of the Shotguns if I have to deal with Hyperion Turrets at range. Good luck with your DigiStruct Peak runs!

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Thanks everyone. It seems my lack of experience with digistruct peak is showing, as I was expecting mostly bullets. I was planning to move points out of fleet, but had just gotten a breakneck banshee from Marcus’s train and a rough rider, and I got a tad addicted to it’s farming uses. I’ll move those out. I used cataclysm for most of the game, but a lot of people were saying it gets bad later on, and I could tell that having to put points into flicker was hurting.
Overall though, I’ll cut motion out after converge like you guys recommended, and go back fully into cataclysm. Thanks!

The Rough Rider + Breakneck Banshee combo is good for farming, but I don’t recommend using it at DigiStruct Peak. You will definitely want a Shield with a decent capacity during your DigiStruct Peak runs, which is why I would caution against using the Bee unless you have a full party of 4 players. FYI, when you do use the Rough Rider + Breakneck Banshee you should pair a high level Rough Rider with a lower level Breakneck Banshee (somewhere in the low to mid 50’s is ideal), so as to minimize the health loss. A lower level Breakneck Banshee won’t boost shield recharge rate / shield recharge delay as much as a higher level, but those are useless anyway with the Rough Rider shield. You can still get +6 Fleet (which is what really matters) and the health loss will be substantially less than a higher level Breakneck Banshee COM. IIRC, my level 50-ish Breakneck Banshee COM only subtracts approximately 8000 health. To give you an idea of how this scales, an OP8 Breakneck Banshee will subtract approximately 300,000 health.

It isn’t so much that Cataclysm gets bad as certain skills in Cataclysm admittedly don’t scale well into TVHM, UVHM and the OP levels. Immolate, Chain Reaction, Reaper and Ruin are all very good skills even in the OP levels. Unfortunately, to get to Ruin requires spending 25 points in Cataclysm. I would argue that Flicker is the least bad option, of the less desirable options (Helios, Backdraft, Cloud Kill and Blight Phoenix), since those don’t scale well and 10/5 Flicker (using a Legendary Siren) increases the chance of applying an elemental effect by +60%. Even with only 5 points in Flicker, a +30% elemental effect chance is nice to have. That is especially useful if the element you are attempting to apply is Slag, and you are in UVHM so as to take advantage of the 3x damage. Once again, good luck with DigiStruct Peak!

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The Bee requires you to play more cautiously than with other shields, and there are situations that can be tough. But I still say that the Bee is definetly a good shield to use. I did all OP levels solo on my siren using the Bee exclusively. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages as I see it. If your playstyle is to rush straight into the crowd, then the Bee is a poor choice, but used correctly, you can take out the enemies before they can hit you.

To the OP sorry I’m at work so this is an abbreviated response.

Don’t listen to the people that say the cat tree is bad. Yes about half the skills are bad but the other half are some of her best skills. Foresight, Immolate, Chain Reaction, and Ruin are all some of her best skill. Sure you might have to “waste” 5 points but flicker helps you slag and if you have life tap dot healing is a thing and makes flicker nice.

Next, maxing out a tree like you did with motion is often a mistake. Look how you have fleet, inertia, and ward all maxed out. That is counter productive.

Really look at why you pick each and every skill and try to justify why you picked each one.

Thanks poisd2strik for the tip about the breakneck banshee. And derch thanks for pointing out how those skill points were going against each other. I just got my legendary siren and cat, and between what you guys told me I’m thinking something like this.
The krieg I’m playing with absorbs enough aggro where I don’t need the points in survivability, because if i have low health more often then not locking with the grog gives me full health, or I’m about to die anyways. So I decided to ignore the latter half of harmony. I considered getting rid of subsequence and thought lock to keep harmony, but combined with ruin and converge it’s just too good for slagging.
My brother and I have never had to kill a boss more than twice for a legendary, so we have whatever we need. So with this much DPs, nothing should get close to me, and if it does I lock it. Is this build better in that case?

This is what I’ve been using…

Skills: http://bl2skills.com/siren.html#555011550114053000001554500501
default gear:
Legendary Siren
Bone of the Ancients (rotate all 3, shock is most common)
Bee shield

Many of us have varying opinions with regard to skills. You’ll find people recommending a variety of approaches, and we’ve each had success with what we’re putting forward. At the end of the day, Derch nailed it by saying, “Really look at why you pick each and every skill and try to justify why you picked each one.”

In my case, I want 10/5 Ward and 5/5 Inertia because I use the Bee as a staple. It doesn’t have a huge capacity, and I want everything I can get to keep it topped off. Thoughtlock helps serve this purpose by drawing fire away from me. Because of these 3 skills, my Bee is up far more than it isn’t.

As far as maxing out Accelerate goes… where it takes a little away from the Pimpernel, it has the opposite effect on the Sand Hawk, where speeding up the pellets and helping them hit even harder are both very good things.

If Derch, MoLMF, or any number of other players broke down why they opt away from those choices, you’ll find that it all comes back to Derch’s quote. It’s about identifying what your plan and gear are, and identifying which skill distribution helps you achieve that goal. A Maya primarily using Antagonist + Pimpernel, for example, wouldn’t benefit as much from those points in Accelerate or Ward. The Antagonist already has a very low delay and high capacity, as well as passive damage reduction. 10/5 Ward isn’t going to feel much different with that than 6/5, so there isn’t a need to throw many points in it if you’re rocking the Legendary Siren.

So… the question becomes, “what is YOUR plan?”

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