What music are you listening to right now? 2: Electric Boogaloo

Keeping in the same vein, I’m sure you guys have seen this as a YT recommendation but it’s truly outstanding

Next time I decide to start taking heroin I’ll put away the Velvet Underground album and put on their Refugee cover. If this was released in the mid-80’s by, say, Bauhaus, it would be on the all the top-10 lists of best albums of all time.
In some cases, works best at 1.25 speed.

By the way, best comments section I’ve ever seen.

Oh ■■■■, there’s more…


Oh yeah, it’s a Smiths day all right. Some days you just want to listen to one band, one sound and be left alone. Say whatever you want about Morrissey but his vocals are great. Whole band is great, really. Marr, Rourke, Joyce, Morrissey, all fantastic. The Smiths are the definition of melancholy for me. Not something I listen to every day but certainly something I appreciate.

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Familiar with The Sundays?

I love what this album invokes. Miserable grey day but cozy inside kind of melancholy. Their second and third albums are ok but definitely lose a lot of the first’s unique tone.

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I do know of them, listened to songs here and there but never sat down with an album from them. I think I know what I’ll be doing this evening :grin:

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I think I’ve been listening to this album since it came out in ‘75. I would have been 4, but my older brother would have bought it. It’s LZ’s best album imo, every track an absolute gem, largely devoid of any cringe moments their earlier albums could be guilty of.

Ginger Baker’s criticism of Bonham lacking “time” (meter) is fair, but I don’t let it bother me as much as some snobs. However, I also don’t hold him in the Godlike regard some do. Actually Page’s meter can be pretty bad sometimes too.

Still, I could list Custard Pie, Trampled Underfoot, The Rover, In the Light, The Wonton Song, Boogie With Stu, or Sick Again as album favourites but I’ll go with this one

14 guitar tracks. Yes please.

And no idea why this all the sudden became an ear worm (could be because I blackened some chicken for dinner tonight)

Pretty good ear worm though.


Sigh… That was my first Metallica album. Still one of the better ones.

Listening to:

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Internet: You have the world’s knowledges and wisdoms at your fingertips.


Catchy and weird:


Don’t get me wrong - I still love the original ELO track. But this is also quite musically delicious:

I can totally hear Satchmo singing along in a duet on that arrangement.

And this is a classic!

One talented lady there. What can’t she do?

Best. Rick-roll. Ever.


She do a lot of different things. :wink:

A trip down algorithm lane.


ZOMG! Does this woman have no limits?!

Glad I’m not that drummer, though…


Oddly, Hendrix’s catalog is extremely poorly represented on YT. Anyways, this was in my head when I woke up from a nap.