What music are you listening to right now?

You cant have a forum without music so thread, yaaaayyyy!
Now ween I think about it everything is better with music.

Did I do it right?


Testing how embeds work.

Edit: Heyoo that’s snazzy! dumping a url instead of html tags are sweet.

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Great song abd great fan made music video.

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Dancing Mad, by The Black Mages:

It’s good working music :smile:

One of my favorite songs, its so smooth and calming.

Did I do it right?

Evidently not… Oh well, at least this is an opportunity to test whether the forum automatically merges posts to avoid double posting like the old one. Anyway the music that was supposed to link was Brahm’s Piano Rhapsody No. 1. Don’t know how to link it properly though.

I like to watch gaming videos while I game. I get too into tunes to shoot and loot while jammin’. However, anything buy Company of Thieves is pretty solid in my book. Also, this is a good opportunity to test preformatted text stuff.

MC Frontalot - I’ll Form the Head.

Gift of Gab - Protocol

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Daft Punk - Around the World

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Been checking these guys out for a few weeks. Thinking of snagging a CD or something soonish.
Definitely different than what I usually go for, but it’s fun to move to.

Billy Talent III


Darius Rucker has a Christmas album!
That’s what I’m listening to.