What music are you listening to right now?

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RUSH. The ultimate definition of a power trio.
My Wisconsinite wife (and her son) discovered them thru Guitar Hero and 2112. hehe! :sunglasses:

I know we’re not July 14th but twice in a year won’t hurt you.

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Yea, they are amazing. The band i listen to pretty much all the time. They have such a great, and varied library of music.



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Terry Bozzio and Mike Patton in one band? Everyone else can go home.

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Had this song on my mind while I was working on a project.

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I got to see the Beastie Boys live in 1992. I’ll second this.

Um… music. This is a recent addition to my playlists.

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Some days. This is the best lullaby you can find.

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I’m loving this band. Fixed my sub in my POS truck. ■■■■■■■ sounds amazing with the double kick drums going off. had a amp problem. replaced/upgraded to a nice Alpine

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The whole album is great but No Island Lost got heavy rotation with my room mates and me back in the day.

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I had a Robin Trower CD back in High School. Blues, iirc? he had an amazing song on the album, symphany of Sai or something like that? nice blast from the past there Jefe!

Correction: I think it was called “Bridge of Sighs”

Yep, found it. the album is called Bridge of Sighs. I had this back in the day. great listening too.

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I lived in a house with my 3 band mates (and frequent couch surfers). That album got played a LOT too. Classic. This was another

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I play the guitar, so what’s your instrument Jefe?

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Bass. Although I don’t really play anymore. Long story but when I left Vancouver I didn’t have the opportunity to play with a band for so many years it just got harder and harder to get back into it. I plunk from time to time though.

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I’ve been meaning to do a recording. I just don’t have any recording equipment anymore. I used too back in the day. Just to show my chops. :blush:

kinda self taught, so I am nothing special. But its fun to jam along to tunes.

after robin trower finished playing, its back to this.

I own this album

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oh hell ya! Dimebag! Miss that guy.