What New Loot-Tier You Like To See?

  • Pearlescent
  • Seraph
  • Glitch
  • Effervescent
  • Other

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I don’t think I seen much of a highly hot topic about this and one of Glitching Queen recent video gave me an idea to see what the community think of this.

If you could choose one new loot-tier whether what would you like to see added in BL3? I added the other poll since I figure maybe a new type could always be nice. If I missed any of the tier loot then let me know.

I do think it should be the time where we can get a rarer tier and hey… Legendaries are TOO COMMON so this could be nice to have a rare tier loot to drop in someday… and hopefully stays bit rare to get (or uncommon if played at the highest Mayhem level)


Glitch weapons with annointment would actually be really cool. Imagine multishot one of those accuracy ones, it would actually be a nice anoint for those. Also, how would it interact with extra elements? 300v2 with red glitch would be insane. Amp could be fun with all the other amp mechanics in this game.

Just think of the possibilities!


I wonder if sets would work in this game :rofl:

But then again, that would just limit the viable builds to sets (if not handled right)

Yes, cause all we need is more rng for farming.


I can see glitch weapons being really fun, a stagecoach would wreck house

Is it weird I don’t want pearls bc I’m scared they’ll be bad lol


Maybe if you want the best weapons. I just want the cool combos, so for that I’ll take the RNG.


Would be ok with a ‘Modded’ prefix in which it takes an Epic(purple) shield/weapon/grenade/relic and adds something similar to having 2 anoints instead of just one on weapons/shield/grenade.

Relics will get their own ‘anoints’.

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I just want weapons that feel viable despite the Mayhem level or character using them…


We should have them all available.

U dont throw away stuff. You build on it.

Pink seraphs were like.legendary tier weapons and could be gotten froma shop or bosses.

I loved that concept almost all my fav gear was seraph.

Purples shouldnt have worse damage rolls than legendaries. Purples should be able to have high top end damage good dps.

Legendarys are just supposed to be very uniqie guns not the end all gotta haves

Quest items and blues/purple uniques were one of the true end games of bl2.

They should have a red tier of powered up purples with a rand.bonus attached so what u can get is truely random.

We’re all cardboard curouts with out gear nowadays.

Even if u had the same gear parts etc ur rolls were different in bl2. Hete is the same product no randomness.

Everythings a gddamn Maliwan pure elemental dmg. No split
I dont like bl3 for this reason.

Add pearls to TVHM this would make it worth playing.

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These… are just the color options for a theoretical new tier, no? For the Glitch weapons which had their random alt-fire modes, is the idea to bring those back, or is this literally, “what color should another rarity tier be”?

Under this assumption, I voted Pearlescent just because it fits the stock color themes from BL1 and BL2.


Yeah pretty much. Still seeing legendaries raining down like candy frequently making me wonder if there will be another tier someday that stand out evenly or better than legendaries but as rare.

I do wanna catch Gearbox attention and see if they could consider this in the future. Wherher by their choice, winners vote, or something else entirely

I would be happy with more top tier mission rewards. A lot of the awesome gear in BL2 was all mission reward. Pimpernel, Sandhawk, Jolly Roger, Swordsplosion etc.

But the glitch weapons sound both awesome and infuriating lmao


I would like to see a “correctly scaled to mayhem level” loot tier, including chest loot and quest rewards…


I thought the official word was that they wouldn’t be adding another loot tier?

Lots of things being said but it wouldn’t hurt if they try give this a thought and see if they will add it in the future

I voted pearlescent, good ol’ Borderlands tradition (minus TPS).

And make them as rare as they were in BL1 so they’re a real treat when you find one!

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nothing hecking nothing i wish somewhere someday all the guns we had actually made sense and were playable no additional stuff needed for a long long time.

Would like to see Pearlescent having a comeback, but only after the legendary tier get the proper adjustments plus the annointed effects, which some are over performing and others under performing.

The only tier I did not enjoy as much was the effervescent, knowing its a replica of an existing weapon but more powerful, leaving the weaker version to never get touched again.
If the effervescence gets treated sort of as crafting system to create better versions of an existing weapon rather than a drop, could be more acceptable, but even then I rather see an entire new gun.

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Pearlescent to hark back to BL1.

I wonder if these would work better with a curated roll, all stats and maybe even anointment set in stone. Given the well documented RNG cesspool we have to wade through would it make sense that ultra rare drops be 100% useful?

Anointments would be either generic, or certain to match the collecting VH and maybe not too many existing, say 1 per existing category per manufacturer.