What New Thing Did You Learn This Playthrough?

There’s a lot to see and do in Borderlands, and since I’m usually too busy filling the sky with bullets and scraping brain off my shoes, I tend to miss a lot of things.

I have no idea how many times I’ve gone through Digistruct Peak (a lot, it’s a lot) and I’m still hearing new dialogue from Tannis.

How to calmly deal with a rabid when I’m not Krieg or Maya.

When Assassin Oney gets “stuck” in his spawn point and clips up to the rooftop of his hut, Axton’s Nuke (with Longbow, but not Mag Lock) can be used to drop the turret behind him to blow him through the gap in the railing and down to the deck where you can properly scrap. Until I tried it, I didn’t know it would work and thought I would have to start over.

For the record, Axton then proceeded to take Oney out with nothing but a Landscaper, as much as he was tempted to use Nuke to toss him down into the next chamber of death for a cheap kill. Lining up a big row of shot so Oney charges right through it setting them all off, with the first shot next to a slag barrel so he eats slag damage all the way down is super fun.

Holy ■■■■, you actually tried killing something with a Landscapper? Oney no less?

I love that weapon - ran through this entire map with just that and a Magic Missile for slag. Oney takes a long time, but he’s slow; Rouf is trickier because he doesn’t always come at you like a tank.

That Tiny Tina actually has a photo of herself and Roland on the dresser in her workshop…

The location of almost all Vault Symbols. I never cared about it but this time decide to do all the challenger. Now, time to start TVHM and do the DLC challenges

I’m basically embarrassed to say that, until a day ago, I never knew about being able to flank the constructor at the end of Dam Fine Rescue by simply sneaking in behind the van that’s right there as you round the corner. Up until that, my strategy was to find a terribly obscure angle where I could hit the const’s crit but not somehow take damage from it…there is a spot where this is possible but the margin for error is about this >> << wide.

I usually find one new treasure chest each character. Not sure how that even happens since I usually explore areas thoroughly, and on subsequent playthroughs I usually take it slow. I’ve also looked at the loot charts.