What new/tweaked skills would you like to see for Moze?

So Gearbox has said that they will be focusing on updating existing characters instead of adding new characters this time around. This could mean tweaks to the skill trees that we already have or it could mean entirely new skill trees to mess around with. So what kind of skills would you like to see added for Moze? They can be skills for an entirely new skill tree, tweaks to existing skills, or additional skills for existing skill trees. Some ideas I had to get things started…

Bear Hug (1/1) - Moze can now deploy Iron Bear while she is in Fight For Your Life, granting her a second wind.

High Five (3/3) - Melee override. Moze now digistructs Iron Bear’s Bear Fist whenever she performs a melee attack. She deals increased melee damage and a percentage of the damage dealt with this attack is redistributed to her shields. (Each level increases melee damage and the percentage of melee damage that is converted into shields.)

Arms Dealer (1/1) - Whenever Moze exits Iron Bear early, Iron Bear’s currently equipped weapons will be dropped on the ground in the form of temporary pickups that can be used by Moze and her allies.


Make it so that Auto Bear lets you hold down the action skill button to simply summon Iron Bear as a sentry without actually having to get inside and then eject. Like how Fl4k can issue pet commands by holding the button rather than tapping it.

As for new skills, there’s just one I want.

Blast Shield (3/3) - Any splash damage Moze would deal to herself is reduced. This reduction increases the lower Moze’s Health is.


Force Feedback needs to be buffed. Right now it isn’t very useful since the shield regen it provides is often interrupted by damage before she can get to cover. It is also made obsolete by a guardian rank skill that has the same effect, but for all kills instead of only for crit kills. Imo getting a crit kill with Force Feedback should regen 20% of your missing shield before taking damage can interrupt the regen, this would give her time to get to cover after getting a crit kill.

As for new skills, I like all of the ones that you guys listed above. Here are some ideas I have:

Shield of Retribution

  • Incendiary Rounds (3/3)- Moze has a 5/10/15% greater chance to proc burning status effects with Incendiary weapons and the incendiary bonus damage from Experimental Munitions, Fire in the Skag Den, Selfless Vengeance, and Cloud of Lead. In addition, Burning Status effects do 10/20/30% more damage over time.
  • Adaptive Tech (3/3)- Moze gains 6/12/18% damage resistance against the last damage type taken. Her shield regen speed is increased by 5/10/15%.

Demolition Woman

  • EXPLOSIONS!!! (3/3)- All Explosive/Splash damage Moze deals is increased by 8/16/24%
  • Destructive Loop (3/3)- Moze gains 5/10/15% life steal on any explosive/splash damage dealt by guns (this applies to weapons that deal splash damage only, not grenades or rockets, Vampyr already gives her grenades life steal and life steal from rockets would be OP). This effect also applies to Iron Bear, repairing his armor as he deals damage with the V-35 Grenade Launcher, Vanquisher Rocket Pod, and Explosive Minigun.

Bottomless Mags

  • Boom, Headshot (3/3)- Moze deals 7/14/21% increased critical hit damage and has 7/14/21% increased weapon accuracy.
  • Conversion Shields (3/3)- Moze has a 7/14/21% chance to steal bullets that hit her shield, ignoring the damage that bullet would normally do and putting the bullet into her currently equipped weapons magazine. This effect only applies while her shields are up, and stacks with any ammo stealing bonuses from shield mods.

+1 I absolutely LOVE Bear Hug.

*Will add later.


I’d like to see the ability to equip shoulder mounted explosive weapons to Iron Bear in the Demolition Woman tree. The grenade button is just sitting there unused, so it only makes sense for either dedicated shoulder pods that you fire with the grenade hotkey, or simply the ability to equip grenades or rockets to those slots.


I would be happy if they made Cloud of Lead radiation damage rather than incendiary; she really needs some elemental variety in her skills.


Would love to see Iron Bear be able to spec into a jetpack type deal that would allow you to hover and maybe launch into the air a bit. Probably not the most useful or practicable thing ever but would look cool as hell.

Alternatively could make Bear have boosters that let you rapidly charge a long distance forwards or backwards.

Would also like to see Moze have alternative ways to build her tanky. Would be great to have some kind of minimal constant health regen, aside from Vampyr as well as some health increases so I can build her all around tanky as opposed to just shield tanky. Just some more varied playstyles never hurt.

I still live Bear Hug though op!

*Triple post for the winz!

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I would like some nerf to the vampyr+bloodletter class mod+death artifact combo. And after that iron bear gear or a class mod that lets iron bear copy ur gear. Any way to make him useful in higher difficulties would be nice.

Just buffs and nerfs for me:

-Iron Bear.…Dies extremely fast and does little to no damage in TVHM/M3…maybe buff Stainless Steel Bear and Specialist Bear, or change how bear weapons work individually.

-Scrappy: Add a bit of reload speed to make it a little more valuable, especially since she has no reload buffs in her trees.

-Full Can of Whoop-Ass: Shield regen stops when you’re getting hit/under status effect, so it’s useless for you and your team…either have enhanced regen never stop for 5-6 seconds, or immediately grant 30% on activation.

-Force Feedback: Same as FCoWA^

-Short Fuse: Problem is, the bonus splash damage doesn’t come from the gun being shot, its just “centered” on the target, so it doesn’t sync with T. Cross Promotion (bigger explosions), Fire in Skag Den (Fire Dmg on Explosives), Means of Destruction (bullet/grenade regen), or Explosive Punctuation (increased cooldown)…but if it did, regular non-splash guns could get all the benefits of the tree, and inspire some crazy explosive combinations.

-Tenacious Defense: Because of the nature of 1 HP builds, and no health-gate on shields, this will never activate, and you’ll will instantly go down…the same reason why Stop-Gap and Recharger shields don’t work either. Instead, have Tenacious Defense trigger when Moze goes down, while adding a cooldown to how often it’ll activate, kinda like Amara’s “Guardian Angel” for shields.

-Why Can’t I Hold All These Grenades: Because of how much insane grenade regeneration you get from Means of Destruction (and SDU’s), this skill is useless. Perk addition: every grenade thrown now consumes 1/2/3, but damage is slightly increased.

-Means of Destruction: Along with the buff i just mentioned, grenade regen is ridiculous, especially with high-tick ones like Hex; I regen 2 grenades a second this way, to the point where I can beat entire slaughters standing in one place spamming my grenade button.

-Vampyr: Again, with all the things mentioned above, you’re literally invincible with Bloodletter mod and big shield. I know this is intended, but a little nerf would be nice.

All I can think of at the moment…thanks for reading…I hope Gearbox will consider at least one of these.

the problem of the skill isn’t the skill itself but more the legendary grenades. Nerf the skill and it’s useless if you don’t use specific grenades.
Perhaps better to have a nerf on proc chance based on grenades.

Good point…whatever nerfs the massive grenade spam I see too often

I think cloud of lead should be left as fire but if they add new trees, add a radiation focused tree. The tree could have benefits to elemental damage but extra perks relating to radiation. It would help Moze remain unique (compared to Zane or Amara) whilst giving her more variety.

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Torgue cross promotion should double splash damage as well as aoe. Plus it should give Moze immunity to her own splash damage when it’s maxed out. Iron Bear skills should also buff Moze in some way when she’s not using IB. Like Dead Lines could give Moze increased movement speed, 3 to 5% per point. Grizzled could give Moze a % increase to splash damage. Stainless steel Bear could give Moze 3/6/9/12/15% armor, a thin yellow line that would get thicker with each point would appear between the blue shield and red life bars. No need to change Auto Bear it’s fine the why it is. Security Bear could give Moze a 20% increased capacity to her equipped shield. And Specialist Bear could give Moze increased gun damage. If they would use just one of these ideas, i hope it’s the one that makes Moze immune to her own splash damage, because it really sucks to accidentally kill your self.

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The defensive portion of SoR tree, as WxndaBread stated. I’m okay with a shorter shield delay leading to a bit of combat shield regen here and there, if you dodge for a few seconds, but the tree could use something a bit more reliable for sustain. Uninterrupted regen for a few seconds on Full Can and Force Feedback sound great without being super bonkers unkillable. The capstone just has awkward functionality due to the rest of the tree incentivizing being as low health as possible.

It takes a long time to naturally regen a SoR shield. However, I do like the idea of a bit of back and forth damage vs regen midcombat but it isn’t really there yet. It’s just a pile of “health” which just means you need to end the fight before it depletes.

BM tree having -something- defensive would be nice. At 50 we can spec down one of the other trees, so not as vital, but it still sticks out as lacking in that regard.

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I don’t think Vampyr or Bloodletter mods need to be nerfed, I just think Moze needs alternatives. Right now that combo is really her only way to regen shield while under fire.
I’d love to see a shield regen skill in Bottomless Mags.
Sustaining Fire - Moze gains a small lifesteal with guns; this applies to both health and shields. This bonus increases the longer she goes without reloading.
By doing it this way, you don’t lose out by using a Bloodletter, and you don’t need to use Vampyr for sustain, but it can also work with a Blaster Master build as well.

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